@jonboulle jonboulle released this Mar 11, 2015 · 4264 commits to master since this release

This release is mostly a milestone release and syncs up with the latest release of the appc spec yesterday.

Note that due to the introduction of a database for indexing the local CAS, users upgrading from previous versions of Rocket on a system may need to clear their local cache by removing the cas directory. For example, using the standard Rocket setup, this would be accomplished with rm -fr /var/lib/rkt/cas.

Major changes since v0.3.2:

  • Updated to v0.4.0 of the appc spec
  • Introduced a database for indexing local images in the CAS (based on
  • Refactored container lifecycle to support a new "prepared" state, to pre-allocate a container UUID without immediately running the application
  • Added support for passing arguments to apps through the rkt run CLI
  • Implemented ACI rendering for dependencies
  • Renamed rkt metadatasvc -> rkt metadata-service
  • Added documentation around networking, container lifecycle, and rkt commands