Install a Kubernetes cluster the CoreOS Tectonic Way: HA, self-hosted, RBAC, etcd Operator, and more
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Tectonic Installer

The CoreOS and OpenShift teams are now working together to integrate Tectonic and Open Shift into a converged platform which will be developed in We'll consider all feature requests for the new converged platform, but will not be adding new features to this repository.

In the meantime, current Tectonic customers will continue to receive support and updates. Any such bugfixes will take place on the track-1 branch.

See the CoreOS blog for any additional details:

Note: The master branch of the project reflects a work-in-progress design approach works only on AWS and Libvirt. In order to deploy Tectonic to other platforms, e.g. Azure, bare metal, OpenStack, etc, please checkout the track-1 branch of this project, which maintains support for the previous architecture and more platforms.