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== OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set (CRS) CHANGES ==
== Report Bugs/Issues to GitHub Issues Tracker or the mailinglist ==
or the CRS Google Group at
== Version 3.3.4 - 2022-09-20 ==
Fixes and improvements:
* Fix a regression in our former release, with the impact that some Paranoia Level 2 rules would activate even when running in Paranoia Level 1. (Simon Studer, Walter Hop)
== Version 3.3.3 - 2022-09-19 ==
Important changes:
* This update requires ModSecurity version 2.9.6 or 3.0.8 (or an updated version with backports of the security fixes in these versions) or a compatible engine supporting these changes. If you do not upgrade ModSecurity, the file REQUEST-922-MULTIPART-ATTACK.conf will cause ModSecurity to fail to start. In that case, you can temporarily delete that file. However, you will be missing protection from these rules. Therefore, we recommend upgrading your ModSecurity or other engine instead.
* By default, the request headers "Accept-Charset" and "Content-Encoding" are now blocked to prevent a WAF bypass. Especially the "Accept-Charset" header may be in use by clients. If you need to serve clients that send this header, uncomment and edit rule 900250 in crs-setup.conf.
Fixes and improvements:
* Fix CVE-2022-39955 Multiple charsets defined in Content-Type header (Jan Gora)
* Fix CVE-2022-39956 Content-Type or Content-Transfer-Encoding MIME header fields abuse (Jan Gora, Felipe Zipitria)
* Fix CVE-2022-39957 Charset accept header field resulting in response rule set bypass (Karel Knibbe, Max Leske)
* Fix CVE-2022-39958 Small range header leading to response rule set bypass (Hussein Daher, Christian Folini)
* Fix MIME header abuse via _charset_ field (Jan Gora, Felipe Zipitria)
* Fix bypass using deflated request body (Karel Knibbe)
* Fix request body partial rule set bypass via Content-Type "text/plain" (Pinaki Mondal, Andrea Menin)
* Fix XML Body Parser abuse for non-XML request bodies (Jan Gora)
* Fix body processor bypass by content-type outside the mime type declaration (Jan Gora, Simon Studer, Ervin Hegedus)
== Version 3.3.2 - 2021-06-30 ==
Fixes and improvements:
* Fix CVE-2021-35368 WAF bypass using pathinfo (Christian Folini)
== Version 3.3.0 - 2020-07-01 ==
Important changes:
* The format of crs-setup.conf variable "tx.allowed_request_content_type" has been changed to be more in line with the other variables. If you have overridden this variable, please see the example in crs-setup.conf for the new separator to use.
New functionality:
* Block backup files ending with ~ in filename (Andrea Menin)
* Detect ffuf vuln scanner (Will Woodson)
* Detect Nuclei vuln scanner (azurit)
* Detect SemrushBot crawler (Christian Folini)
* Detect WFuzz vuln scanner (azurit)
* New LDAP injection rule (Christian Folini)
* New HTTP Splitting rule (Andrea Menin)
* Add .swp to restricted extensions (Andrea Menin)
* Allow CloudEvents content types (Bobby Earl)
* Add CAPEC tags for attack classification (Fernando Outeda, Christian Folini)
* Detect Unix RCE bypass techniques via uninitialized variables, string concatenations and globbing patterns (Andrea Menin)
Removed functionality:
* Removed outdated rule tags WASCTC, OWASP_TOP_10, OWASP_AppSensor/RE1, and OWASP_CRS/FOO/BAR; note that tags 'OWASP_CRS' and 'attack-type' are kept. (Christian Folini)
Improved compatibility:
* Changed variable to lowercase (modsec3 behavior fix) (Ervin Hegedus)
Fixes and improvements:
* WordPress: Add support for upload image/media in Gutenberg Editor (agusmu)
* Prevent bypass of rule 921110 (Amit Klein, Franziska Bühler)
* Prevent bypass of rule 921130 (Amit Klein, Franziska Bühler)
* fix CVE msg in rules 944120 944240 (Fernando Outeda)
* Remove broken or no longer used files (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Make content-type case insensitive (Franziska Bühler)
* Move /util/docker folder from v3.3/dev branch to dedicated repo (Peter Bittner)
* feat(lint): split actions in linting and regression (Felipe Zipitria)
* Fix FP in 921120 (Franziska Bühler)
* Add missing OWASP_CRS tags (Christian Folini)
* Fix GHA badges (Federico G. Schwindt)
* feat(badge): add apache license badge
* fix typos found by fossies codespell (Tim Herren)
* Decrease processing time of rules (Ervin Hegedüs)
* handle multiple directives in 920510 (Andrea Menin)
* handle multiple directives in 920510 (Andrea Menin)
* fix(ci): use log_contains instead (Felipe Zipitria)
* Move test where it belongs (Federico G. Schwindt)
* fix(ci): use docker in DetectionOnly (Felipe Zipitria)
* fix(rule): remove dangling whitespace (Felipe Zipitria)
* fix(ci): run actions on .github change (Felipe Zipitria)
* fix(docs): update badges and links in readme (Felipe Zipitria)
* README: update repo link (Walter Hop)
* Update README: Copyright 2019 -> 2020 (Christian Folini)
* fix(ci): run tests also on PRs (Felipe Zipitria)
* fix(ci): change test name and fix default params (Felipe Zipitria)
* Restore Travis Status (was in the wrong repo) (Christian Folini)
* Remove outdated Travis status after migration (Christian Folini)
* feat(ci): adds github actions testing (Felipe Zipitria)
* fix(migration): post migration tasks (Felipe Zipitria)
* feat(templates): add text to gihub templates about migration. To be reverted after migation is done. (Felipe Zipitria)
* Added more explanations to comment of 920300 (Christian Folini)
* Added 'ver' action with current version to all necessary rules (Ervin Hegedus)
* Update nextcloud excl rules and shorten var (Franziska Bühler)
* Change to preferred lowercase var (Franziska Bühler)
* Set var to lowercase and change comment (Franziska Bühler)
* Resolve issue with allowed_request_content_types (Franziska Bühler)
* Allow REPORT requests without Content-Type header in Nextcloud (pyllyukko)
* Suppress rule 200002 when editing contacts in Nextcloud (pyllyukko)
* XenForo: update exclusions (Walter Hop)
* WordPress: exclude additional URL fields in profile editor (Walter Hop)
* add www to link (NullIsNot0)
* Fix link for 941310 Old link does not work anymore. Change it to new one. (NullIsNot0)
* Add Content-Type: multipart/related as allowed default (jeremyjpj0916)
* Resolve issue 1722 and fix content-type whitelisting (Franziska Bühler)
* make severities and scores consistent (Walter Hop)
* add QQGameHall UA (#1731) (Andrea Menin)
* another test (Allan Boll)
* Add word boundaries around values in SQL tautologies (942130) (Allan Boll)
* Move tests to their own file, while here also correct permissions for 920180. (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Rule to check if both C-L and T-E are present (#1310) (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Fixes for 2 tests in 921200 (Christian Folini)
* XenForo: add exclusions, remove unnecessary chains (#1673) (Walter Hop)
* Fix FPs for 942350 (#1706) (Franziska Bühler)
* Fix typos found by codespell / Fossies project (#1702) (Simon Studer)
* Ignore check of CT header in POST request if protocol is HTTP/2 (Ervin Hegedus)
* Narrowing down the subpattern .*? in 941130 (Christian Folini)
* Restricting a wide regex a bit (Christian Folini)
* Drop escapes (Christian Folini)
* Fix FP in 941130 and rearrange regex with new regex-assemble file (Christian Folini)
* Ignore check of CT header in POST request if protocol is HTTP/2 (Ervin Hegedus)
* Remove trailing dot in several msg actions (#1678) (Tim Herren)
* Replace REQUEST_BODY with ARGS on 930100 and 930110 (#1659) (Andrea Menin)
* Temporary travis workaround to buy time and fix it for good (#1684) (Andrea Menin)
* Add regression tests (Franziska Bühler)
* Fix FP with create with 942360 (Franziska Bühler)
* Avoid embedded anchors in CRS rule 942330 (Allan Boll)
* Update 942450 for less false positives, more tests (#1662) (Will Woodson)
* Ensure single ranges are also checked (#1661) (Federico G. Schwindt)
* WordPress: also exclude posts/pages endpoint in subdirectories (Walter Hop)
* For bugs, also ask for the environment (#1657) (Federico G. Schwindt)
* XenForo: fix incorrect escape (Walter Hop)
* XenForo: additional exclusions (Walter Hop)
* Pattern cleanup across several rules (#1643). Drop unneeded non-capture groups; No need to escape "-" outside character classes And only if it is not at the end. (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Improve rule 941350: Previously, this rule will also match on the equivalent to "<..<". Rewrite it so it is only triggered by the equivalent to "<..>", simplifying the pattern quite a bit as a bonus. While here add a link describing the bypass for future reference.
* Fix test Was using the equivalent to "<...<" instead of "<...>". (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Move the help and support link to contacts (#1647) While here rename to ensure they are presented in the right order and minor cosmetics. (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Move remaining regression test data file to new folder, cleanup README (#1646) (Peter Bittner)
* Also ask for the paranoia level (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Make it a tiny bit more colorful (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Spacing (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Fix emoji (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Switch to multiple templates for github issues (#1644) (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Fix paranoia-level log description (Andrea Menin)
* change IRC to Slack (Walter Hop)
* fix spacing (Walter Hop)
* Moving tests and documentation folders (#1627) (Soufiane Benali)
* add triggered rule (#1636) (Andrea Menin)
* Drop the translate header from the restricted list Fixes #1410. (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Mark stale issues (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Added support for <? in Rule 933100 (meetug)
* Added test cases (NullIsNot0)
* Update re for Rule ID: 920480 Update regular expression (NullIsNot0)
* Create (Chaim Sanders)
* Rule: 920480. Make rx recognize charset with quotes. Make rule ID: 920480 recognize not only Content-Type: charset=utf-8 but also charset put in single or double quotes: Content-Type: charset="utf-8" Content-Type: charset='utf-8' (NullIsNot0)
* Make rule 933100 RE2 compatible (meetug)
* Fix typo in config file inclusion (Felipe Zipitria)
* Correct rule 941310 to use single-byte variants and fix FPs (#1596). Fix test to use the single byte characters Add a test that uses utf-8 as well. Change pattern to use the single-byte variants Patterns in ModSecurity are not treated as UTF strings. Fixes #1595. Add negative tests and update descriptions Improve pattern Change it to avoid FPs for \xbc\xbc and \xbe\xbe (i.e. << and >>). Use negated classes for better performance. (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Add test for issue #1580 (#1612) (Federico G. Schwindt)
* removes t:lowercase (Andrea Menin)
* Move integration tests to their own job (#1608) Also cleanup branches' list. (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Add PL1 tag. (Anna Winkler)
* Change version number for full version name (Felipe Zipitria)
* Better document legacy conversion procedure Add text with instructions for a simple conversion utility. (Felipe Zipitria)
* Correct example text regarding GeoIP. Add maxmind tool for downloading files (Felipe Zipitria)
* Ignore configuration files generated by the JetBrains editors (Anna Winkler)
* Update name of branch to use for feature branches. Minor syntax updates. (Anna Winkler)
* Minor optimisation (Emile-Hugo SPIR)
* Also fix the `as herefrom` pattern (Emile-Hugo SPIR)
* More conservative fix (Emile-Hugo SPIR)
* Update the source file (Emile-Hugo SPIR)
* Fix a FP (`, aside from`) (Emile-Hugo SPIR)
* regression fix for #1581 (emphazer)
* Change order to check ip first in both rules (Felipe Zipitria)
* Change chain order (Felipe Zipitria)
* Fix spacing in text (Felipe Zipitria)
* Add link to mailing list archives (Felipe Zipitria)
* Adding new test for 941150 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Adding new test for 941340 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Adding new test for 941280 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Adding new test for 941170 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Adding new test for 941250 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Adding new test for 941220 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Adding new test for 941330 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Adding new test for 941300 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Adding new test for 941230 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Adding new test for 941260 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Adding new test for 941290 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Adding new test for 941270 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Adding new test for 942180 based on XSS cheatsheet by portswigger (Christian Folini)
* Update mailing list links to google group (Felipe Zipitria)
* Fix typo and add 2 new entries to 941160 (Franziska Bühler)
* Switch to dates in YYYY-MM-DD format IOW iso 8601. While here add newlines and drop empty categories. (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Update badges, add v3.3 and remove v3.0 (#1557) (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Rearange characters and add positive and negative test cases. Moved the dash to the end of the character set to avoid escaping it. Added test with all the new characters and a test for multiple whitespaces. Allowed a previously blocked charset. (Tim Herren)
* 920470: include chars from rfc 2046 RFC 2046 allows additional chars for the boundary. \d removed as it is covered by \w in the regex. Removed unnecessary escapes. (Tim Herren)
* Fix bypass in 931130 Don't rely on beginsWith as it might allow attackers to create subdomains matching the prefix. Add tests to cover this and other cases. The latter fixes #1404. (Federico G. Schwindt)
* fix rule regex due to remove t:removeComments (Andrea Menin)
* 920470: include chars from rfc 2046 RFC 2046 allows additional chars for the boundary. \d removed as it is covered by \w in the regex. Removed unnecessary escapes. (Tim Herren)
* update Dockerfiles and Travis to use v3.3/dev (Walter Hop)
== Version 3.2.0 - 2019-09-24 ==
New functionality:
* Add AngularJS client side template injection 941380 PL2 (Franziska Bühler)
* Add docker-compose.yaml and example rule exclusion files for docker-compose (Franziska Bühler)
* Add extended access.log format to Docker (Franziska Bühler)
* Add libinjection check on last path segment (Max Leske, Christian Folini)
* Add PUBLIC identifier for XML entities (#1490) (Rufus125)
* Add .rdb to default restricted_extensions (Walter Hop)
* Add .swp to default restricted_extensions (Andrea Menin)
* Add rule 933200 PHP Wrappers (Andrea Menin)
* Add script to test payload against multiple paranoia levels (Christian Folini, Manuel Spartan)
* Add support for shell evasions with $IFS (Walter Hop, Chaim Sanders)
* Add unix-shell commands (Christoph Hansen, Chaim Sanders)
* Also inspect the path for the script tag (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Detect 80legs, sysscan, Gobuster scanners (Brent Clark)
* Detect CGI source code leakages (Christoph Hansen, Walter Hop)
* Detect 'crawler' user-agent (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Detect Jorgee, Zgrab scanners (Walter Hop)
* Detect MySQL in-line comments (Franziska Bühler)
* Detect Wappalyzer scanner (Christian Folini, Chaim Sanders)
* Java RCE: Add struts namespaces (Walter Hop)
* Java RCE: Detect more java classes (Manuel Leos)
* Javascript: Add 941370 preventing a bypass for 941180 (Andrea Menin)
* Make CRS variables configurable in Docker image (Franziska Bühler)
* New PL3 rule 920490 to protect against content-type charset bypassing (Christian Folini)
* Node.js unserialization + javascript RCE snippets (Walter Hop)
* Request smuggling: Also cover pre http/1.0 requests (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Restricted files: Added many dotfiles (Dan Ehrlich)
* SQLi bypass detection: ticks and backticks (Franziska Bühler)
* XenForo rule exclusion profile (Walter Hop)
Removed functionality:
* Remove unused protected_uploads setting from setup (Walter Hop)
* Remove deprecated tx.msg and tx.%{}-... (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Remove deprecated upgrade script (Walter Hop)
Improved compatibility:
* Add OWASP_CRS tags for ModSec 3 changes and replace ruleRemoveTargetByTag arguments (Ervin Hegedus)
* Replace @contain % with @rx 25; ModSec 3 fails to parse % by itself (or escaped). (Federico G. Schwindt)
* RE2 compatibility for 941130, 920220, 920240, 920230, 920460, 942200, 942370 (Allan Boll)
* Hyperscan compatibility and simplification for 942450 (Allan Boll)
Fixes and improvements:
* 932140: fix ReDoS in FOR expression (Walter Hop)
* 933200: Simplify pattern (Federico G. Schwindt, Andrea Menin)
* 941380: fix anomaly score variable (Franziska Bühler)
* 942510, 942511: fix anomaly score variable (Walter Hop)
* Add content-type application/csp-report (Andrea Menin)
* Add content-type application/xss-auditor-report (Andrea Menin)
* Add CRS 3.2 Badge build support. (Chaim Sanders)
* Add CVE numbers for Apache Struts vulnerabilities to comments in rules (Franziska Bühler)
* Add CVE-2018-11776 to comments of 933160 and 933161 (Franziska Bühler)
* Add CVE-2018-2380 to comments of rules (Franziska Bühler)
* Add default env vars for anomaly scores in Docker (Franziska Bühler)
* Add missing OWASP_CRS tags to 921xxx rules (Walter Hop)
* Add REQUEST_FILENAME to rule id 944130 and add exploits to comment (Franziska Bühler)
* Add spaces in front of closing square brackets (Franziska Bühler)
* Add travis changes (#1316) (Chaim Sanders)
* Allow dot characters in Content-Type multipart boundary (Walter Hop)
* Also handle dot variant of X_Filename. PHP will transform dots to underscore in variable names since dot is invalid. (Federico G. Schwindt)
* As per the ref manual, it is compressWhitespace (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Avoid php leak false positive with WOFF files (Manuel Spartan)
* Bring back CRS 2.x renumbering utility (Walter Hop)
* Clean up travis and reorg (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Code cosmetics: reorder the actions of rules (Ervin Hegedus)
* Content-Type is case insensitive (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Disassembled 941160 (Franziska Bühler)
* Drop separate regexp files. They are not really needed and save us from updating multiple places. (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Drop t:lowercase from 941350 (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Drop unneeded capture groups and tidy up (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Drop unneeded capture groups and tidy up regexps (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Drop unneeded unicode from 941110. Add tests to cover a few more variants as well as a negative test (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Fix 920440 "URL file extension is restricted by policy" regex (Andrea Menin)
* Fix 920460 test (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Fix 942101 and 942460 by adding to sqli_score variable (Christian Folini)
* Fix checking the existence of 'HTTP' trailing request verb and request path in the payload for HTTP request smuggling; decreases false-positives on free-form text. (Yu Yagihashi)
* Fix commit default for non 2.9 branch (Chaim Sanders)
* Fix CRS2->CRS3 mapping table (973344 -> 941100) (Chaim Sanders)
* Fix date (Chaim Sanders)
* Fix Docker image SSL support (Franziska Bühler)
* Fix duplicate .env (jschleus, Chaim Sanders)
* Fix executing paranoia level counters (Christian Folini)
* Fix indentation and python version in crs2-renumbering script (Chaim Sanders)
* Fix input / headers misordering (Christian Folini)
* Fix path traversal attack pattern at id:930110 (Ervin Hegedus)
* Fix regexp in Docker image (Franziska Bühler)
* Fix regexp with incorrect dot '.' escape in rule 943120 (XeroChen)
* Fix request header Sec-Fetch-User false positive (na1ex)
* Fix runaway regexp in 942260. Add variant regexp assemble script to handle possessive qualifiers. Use possessive qualifiers to tight this up and solve ReDoS problem. (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Fix small typo in variable (Felipe Zipitria)
* Fix spelling error in variable name (supplient)
* Fix transform name pointed out by secrules_parsing (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Fix Travis Merge not being able to find HEAD (Chaim Sanders)
* Fix vulnerable regexp in rule 942490 (CVE-2019-11387) (Christoph Hansen)
* Fix wrong regex, assembly result, in 942370 (Franziska Bühler)
* INSTALL: advise to use release zips, remove, update Nginx (Walter Hop)
* Java: change tag from COMMAND_INJECTION to JAVA_INJECTION (Manuel Spartan)
* Jwall auditconsole outbound anomaly scoring requirements (Christoph Hansen)
* Mark patterns not supported by re2 (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Move duplicated 900270 to 900280 Fixes #1236. (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Move PROXYLOCATION var (Franziska Bühler)
* PHP: move get_defined_functions() and friends into PL1 (Walter Hop)
* Pin the ftw version to 1.1.7 for now (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Prevent bypass 933180 PHP Variable Function (Andrea Menin)
* Reduce comments, introduction of triggered exploits (Franziska Bühler)
* Remove all trailing spaces from ftw yaml test files (Ervin Hegedus)
* Remove auditlog No other rules specify it. Add missing quotes and drop rev (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Remove capture, remove tx.0, add transformation functions, fix regex, add presentation link (Andrea Menin)
* Remove old and unwanted setvar constructs (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Remove superfluous comments (Walter Hop)
* Remove superfluous pmf (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Remove t:lowercase from 920490 (Christian Folini)
* Remove WARNING from (Andrea Menin)
* Reorder actions (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Replacing all @pmf with @pmFromFile (Christian Treutler)
* add AWS config (Walter Hop)
* SQLI: removed unnecessary + (Christoph Hansen)
* Switch Docker image to owasp/modsecurity:2.9-apache-ubuntu (Federico G. Schwindt)
* fix typo in 'more' (Walter Hop)
* Update .travis.yml Update to support v3.1 (Chaim Sanders)
* Update dockerfile to always use 3.2/dev (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Update OWASP CRS Docker image to support the new upstream and 2.9.3 (Peter Bittner, Chaim Sanders)
* Update RESPONSE-950-DATA-LEAKAGES.conf (Christoph Hansen)
* Update RESPONSE-959-BLOCKING-EVALUATION.conf (Christoph Hansen)
* Wordpress: add support for Gutenberg editor (siric_, Walter Hop)
* Wordpress: allow searching for any term in admin posts/pages overview (Walter Hop)
* WordPress: exclude Gutenberg via rest_route (Walter Hop)
* WordPress: exclude some more profile.php fields from RFI rule (Walter Hop)
* WordPress: exclude SQL comment rule from _wp_http_referer (Walter Hop)
* XML Soap Encoding fix 920240 (Christoph Hansen)
Unit tests:
* 932140: add regression tests (Walter Hop)
* 933180: fix tests which were doing nothing (Walter Hop)
* 941370: add some more tests, fix whitespace (Walter Hop)
* Add more tests for 941130 (Christian Folini)
* Add regression test for 941101 (Avery Wong)
* Add regression tests for 942150, 942100, 942260 (Christian Folini)
* Add regression tests to 941160 (Franziska Bühler)
* Add some regression tests (Ervin Hegedus)
* Add testing support for libmodsecurity running on Apache and Nginx (Chaim Sanders)
* Add tests for 941360 that fights JSFuck and Hieroglyphy (Christian Folini)
* Add tests for rule 921110 (Yu Yagihashi)
* Added regression tests for rules 942320, 942360, 942361, 942210, 942380, 942410, 942470, 942120, 942240, 942160, 942190, 942140, 942490, 942120 (Christoph Hansen)
* Drop tests for removed rules (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Fix failing regression tests (Ervin Hegedus)
* Fix failing tests (Manuel Spartan, Chaim Sanders)
* Fix readme typos in example rule (Walter Hop)
* Fix test 941110-2 (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Fix YAML 1.2 compliance with "true" (Federico G. Schwindt)
* RCE: Add tests for the for command (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Update regression tests for rules 931110, 931120, 931130 (Simon Studer)
* Add details to README for Dockerhub (Franziska Bühler)
* Add intro/comment to CVE comments (Franziska Bühler)
* CONTRIBUTING: add note about separate PRs (Walter Hop)
* Erased gitter chat. Added CII badge (Felipe Zipitria)
* Replaced descriptions (Christian Folini)
* Summarized authors on single line in tests for 941160 (Christian Folini)
* Update broken link in regexp-assemble blog URLs (Walter Hop)
* Update To base changes on v3.2/dev. (Felipe Zipitría)
* Update CONTRIBUTORS order (Andrea Menin)
* Update (Rufus125)
* Updating crs site location (Chaim Sanders)
== Version 3.1.1 - 2019-06-26 ==
* Fix CVE-2019-11387 ReDoS against CRS on ModSecurity 3 at PL 2 (Christoph Hansen, Federico G. Schwindt)
* Content-Type made case insensitive in 920240, 920400 (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Allow % encoding in 920240 (Christoph Hansen)
* Fix bug in 920440 (Andrea Menin)
* Fix bug in 920470 (Walter Hop)
* Reduce false positives in 921110 (Yu Yagihashi, Federico G. Schwindt)
* Fix bug in 943120 (XeroChen)
== Version 3.1.0 - 2018-08-07 ==
* Add Detectify scanner (Andrea Menin)
* Renaming matched_var/s (Victor Hora)
* Remove lines with bare '#' comment char (Walter Hop)
* Drop the XML variable from rule 932190 (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Update outdated URLs (Walter Hop)
* remove unused rule 901180 (Walter Hop)
* Drop exit from unix and windows RCE (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Fix anomaly_score counters (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Remove mostly redundant 944220 in favor of 944240 (Christian Folini)
* Add self[ and document[ to rule 941180 (Andrea Menin)
* Provide proxy support within CRS docker image (Scott O'Neil)
* Prevent bypass in rule 930120 PL3 (Andrea Menin)
* Fix small typo in variable (Felipe Zipitría)
* Fix bug #1166 in Docker image (Franziska Bühler)
* Remove revision status from rules (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Add template for issues (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Correct failing travis tests in merge situations (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Remove unused global variable in IIS rules (Chaim Sanders)
* Refactor to use phase number instead of name (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Add uploaded file name check; refresh LFI / filename checks (Walter Hop)
* Introduce critical sibling of 920340 in PL2 (Walter Hop)
* Fix bypass caused by multiple spaces in RCE rules (Walter Hop)
* Remove unneeded regex capture groups (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Add built-in exceptions for CPanel (Christoph Hansen)
* Add additional file restrictios for ws_ftp, DS_Store... (Jose Nazario)
* Fix missing strings in 942410 (Franziska Bühler)
* Add 2 missing PDO errors (Christoph Hansen)
* Fix issues with FPs in regression tests (Chaim Sanders)
* Add Nextcloud client exclusion support (Christoph Hansen)
* Fix spelling mistakes in REQUEST-942- (Padraig Doran, Chaim Sanders)
* Explicitly ignore the user defined rules (Aaron Haaf, Chaim Sanders)
* Add regression tests for 942490 (Christoph Hansen, Chaim Sanders)
* Add Owncloud client exclusion support (Christoph Hansen, Christian Folini)
* Adding 'F-Secure Radar' vulnerability scanner UA (Christian Folini, Chaim Sanders)
* Update DockerFile to use Ubuntu as base (Chaim Sanders)
* False positives 942360: move alter and union (Franziska Bühler, Chaim Sanders)
* Add support for Java style attacks (Manuel Spartan, Walter Hop)
* Fix various regression tests issues caused by webserver handling (azhao155, Chaim Sanders)
* Update TravisCI to build on a per PR basis (Chaim Sanders)
* Optimized rule 921160 and regex (Allan Boll, Chaim Sanders)
* Update the consistency across various files (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Add missing transform, 944120 sibling 944240 (Manuel Spartan)
* Fix false positive for 'like' in 942120 (Walter Hop)
* Add regression tests for Java Rules (Manuel Spartan)
* Fixup and small reorg of dokuwiki rule exclusion package (Christian Folini)
* Make TravisCI tests fail if Apache can't load rules (Felipe Zipitría)
* Add exclusion rules for Dokuwiki (Matt Bagley, Christian Folini)
* Initial exclusions for NextCloud installs (Matt Bagley, Christian Folini)
* Added struts-pwn UA to list (Manuel Spartan)
* Add file upload checks (Manuel Spartan)
* Check if Transfer-Encoding is missing (Federico G. Schwindt, Christian Folini)
* Remove duplicated variables (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Reduce FP by splitting classic SQL injection rule 942370 (Christoph Hansen)
* Fix typo in REQUEST-920-PROTOCOL-ENFORCEMENT (ihacku, Franziska Bühler)
* Add configurable timestamp format to FTW integration (Christian Folini)
* Add badges to README (Felipe Zipitría)
* Add clarifying comments to 910110 (Christian Folini)
* Making rule 933131 case-insensitive (Manuel Spartan)
* Merge and reorder rules as part of cleanup (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Update copyright date and syntax (Jose Nazario, Felipe Zipitría)
* Updated SecMarker and SkipAfter names to use meet guidelines (Felipe Zipitría)
* Tidy up single quotes and other guidelines updates (Felipe Zipitría)
* Syntax fix for setvar crs_exclusions_wordpress (Manuel Spartan)
* Updated various contributors to developers (Christian Folini)
* Revise SQL rules by disassembling them into their core protections (Franziska Bühler)
* Add an example payload to 920220 (coolt)
* Add a missing regex to rule 942310 (Franziska Bühler)
* Detect GET or HEAD with Transfer-Encoding header (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Fix broken links in references (Pásztor Gábor)
* Add contributing guidelines (Felipe Zipitría)
* Fix processing bypasses in rule 931130 (Felipe Zipitría, Christian Folini)
* Correct small omissions in (Walter Hop)
* Add IIS specific detection to (Manuel Spartan)
* Update examples to match the current cleanup (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Corrected the ordering of actions to meet guidelines (Felipe Zipitría)
* Remove unused capture groups (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Use explicit rx operator (Federico G. Schwindt)
* Update the RCE regular expressions(Walter Hop, Federico G. Schwindt)
* Removing maturity & accuracy from rules (Felipe Zipitría)
* Increasing range header (Christoph Hansen)
* Fixed script argument options (Glyn Mooney)
* Updating to reflect OWASP flagship status (Chaim Sanders)
* Adding Docker support for CRS (Chaim Sanders)
* Initial Travis deployment (Zack Allen, Walter Hop)
* Initial commit of regression tests (Chaim Sanders, Walter Hop)
* Remove test for 921170 because it won't ever fire (Chaim Sanders, Walter Hop)
* Update minor incorrectness in regex (Chaim Sanders, Walter Hop)
* Add notification for builds against #modsecurity on freenode (Zack Allen, Walter Hop)
* Add all past code contributors and convert to markdown (Walter Hop)
* Block uploads of files with .phps extension (Walter Hop)
* Improve message for script upload with superfluous extension (Walter Hop)
* Remove trailing whitespace in various regexs (Walter Hop)
* Add command popd to direct unix rce list in rule 932150 (Franziska Bühler)
* Remove unnecessary END_XSS_CHECKS marker (Christian Folini)
* Ignore Whitespaces in Rule 942110 (Christoph Hansen)
* Update missing RCE Commands (Umar Farook)
* Update (Umar Farook)
* Removed deprecated t:removeComments from 942100 (Christian Folini)
* Add word boundary to rule 942410 (Franziska Bühler)
== Version 3.0.2 - 2017-05-12 ==
* Remove debug rule that popped up in 3.0.1 (Christian Folini)
== Version 3.0.1 - 2017-05-09 ==
* SECURITY: Removed insecure handling of X-Forwarded-For header;
reported by Christoph Hansen (Walter Hop)
* Fixed documentation errors in RESPONSE-999-... (Chaim Sanders)
* Reduced FPs on 942190 by adding a word boundary to regex (Franziska Bühler)
* Reduced FPs on 932150 by removing keyword reset (Franziska Bühler)
* Tidied exceptions in 930100 (Roberto Paprocki)
* Reduced FPs for 920120 by splitting into stricter sibling (Franziska Bühler)
* Simplified some Drupal rule exclusions (Damien McKenna, Christian Folini)
* Extended KNOWN_BUGS with remarks on JSON support on Debian (Franziska Bühler)
* Updated README to add gitter support (Chaim Sanders)
* Clarified DoS documentation for static extensions (Roberto Paprocki)
* Added application/octet-stream to allowed content types (Christian Folini)
* Typo in 942220 alert message (Chaim Sanders, @bossloper)
* Moved referrer check of 941100 into new PL2 rule (Franziska Bühler)
* Closed multiple @pmf evasions via lowercase transformation (Roberto Paprocki)
* Clarified libinjection bundling in INSTALL file (@cjdp)
* Reduced FPs via Wordpress Rule Exclusions (Walter Hop)
* Support for RFC 3902 (Content Type application/soap+xml; Christoph Hansen)
Make sure you update ModSecurity recommended rule 200000 as well.
* Bugfix in 942410 regex (Christian Folini)
* Reduced FPs for 942360 (Walter Hop)
* Reduced FPs for 941120 by restricting event handler names (Franziska Bühler)
* Extended 931000 with scheme "file" to fix false negative (Federico Schwindt)
* Extended 905100 and 905110 for HTTP/2.0 (includes bugfix, Christoph Hansen)
* Moved 941150 from PL1 to PL2; includes Bugfix for rule (Christian Folini)
* Updated documentation for 920260 (Chaim Sanders)
* Bugfix in (Victor Hora)
* Fixed FP in RCE rule 932140 (Walter Hop)
* Fixed comment for arg limit check rule 920370 (Christian Folini)
* Created CONTRIBUTORS file
* Added Christoph Hansen (emphazer) to CONTRIBUTORS file
* Added Franziska Bühler (Franziska Bühler) to CONTRIBUTORS file
* Fixed bug with DoS rule 912160 (@loudly-soft, Christian Folini)
== Version 3.0.0 - 2016-11-10 ==
Huge changeset running in separate branch from September 2013 to September 2016.
This is a cursory summary of the most important changes:
* Huge reduction of false positives (Ryan Barnett, Felipe Zimmerle, Chaim
Sanders, Walter Hop, Christian Folini)
* Anomaly scoring is the new default, renamed thresholds from
tx.(in|out)bound_anomaly_score_level to
* Introduction of libinjection for SQLi detection
* Introduction of libinjection for XSS detection
* Big improvement on detection of Remote Command Execution (Walter Hop)
* Big improvement on PHP function name detection (Walter Hop)
* Paranoia Mode (Christian Folini, Noël Zindel, Franziska Bühler,
Manuel Leos, Walter Hop)
* Shifted dozens of rules into higher paranoia levels
* Introduced a lot of stricter sibling rules in higher levels
* Generic mechanism to support application specific rule exclusions
(Chaim Sanders)
* Initial Wordpress rule exclusions (Walter Hop)
* Initial Drupal rule exclusions (Christian Folini, @emphazer)
* Renumbering of rules. See folder id_renumbering for a
csv map (Chaim Sanders)
* Consolidation of rules, namely XSS and SQLi (Spider Labs/Trustwave team)
* Sampling mode / Easing in (Christian Folini)
* Cleanup of reputation checks / persistent blocking
(Christian Folini / Walter Hop)
* Tags much more systematic (Walter Hop)
* IP reputation checks / persistent blocking of certain clients
(Spider Labs/Trustwave team)
* Phase actions use request/response/logging now instead of
numerical phases (Spider Labs/Trustwave team)
* Added NoScript XSS Filters (Spider Labs/Trustwave team)
* Updated "severity" action to use words (CRITICAL, WARNING, etc...)
vs. numbers (5, 4, etc..)
* Various regex fixes after research by Vladimir Ivanov (Chaim Sanders)
* Overhaul of the regression mode into debug mode (Walter Hop, Ryan Barnett)
* Introduction of util/ (Walter Hop)
* Removal of GeoIP database. Download via util/ now.
* Introduction of Initialization rules with
default values (Walter Hop, Christian Folini)
* Sorting out terminology with
whitelisting and rule exclusions (Christian Folini)
* Overhaul of testing (Chaim Sanders)
* Protection from HTTP Parameter Pollution (Franziska Bühler)
* Simplification of setup config file, renamed file to crs-setup.conf.example
* Improved session fixation detection logic (Christian Peron, credits to
Eric Hodel for the discovery)
* Updated list of malicious webscanners
* Splitting scanner user agents data files (github user @ygrek)
* Countless bugfixes in severities, anomaly scores, tags, etc.
across the board
* Cleanup of formerly experimental DDoS rules,
fix documentation (Ryan Barnett, Christian Folini)
* Improves http blacklist checks (Walter Hop)
* Extended XSS detection (as suggested by Mazin Ahmed)
* Added support for Travis CI
* Added support for HTTP/2 in recent Apache 2.4 (Walter Hop)
* Added many, many bots and scanners (among others suggested by
github user @toby78, @jamuse, Matt Koch)
* Fixed mime types suitable for XML processor (Chaim Sanders)
* Include script in util/join-multiline-rules to work around
Apache 2.4 < 2.4.11 bug with long lines (Walter Hop)
* New detection for request smuggling attacks (Achim Hofmann,
Christian Folini)
* Fixes with project honeypot setup (Ryan Barnett)
* Separated DB / SQL messages by DB software (Ryan Barnett)
* CPanel integration (Chaim Sanders)
* Introduction of var for static resources (Chaim Sanders)
* Many improvements to rules in 2014/5 (Ryan Barnett)
== Version 2.2.9 - 2013-09-30 ==
* Updated the /util directory structure
Bug Fixes:
* fix 950901 - word boundary added
* - gecko/25 blocks Firefox Android
== Version 2.2.8 - 2013-06-30 ==
* Updatd the /util directory structure
* Added scripts to check Rule ID duplicates
* Added script to remove v2.7 actions so older ModSecurity rules will work
* Added new PHP rule (958977) to detect PHP exploits (Plesk 0-day from king cope)
Bug Fixes:
* fix 950901 - word boundary added
* fix regex error
* Updated the Regex in 981244 to include word boundaries
* Problem with Regression Test (Invalid use of backslash) - Rule 960911 - Test2
* ModSecurity: No action id present within the rule - ignore_static.conf
* "Bad robots" rule blocks all Java applets on Windows XP machines
* duplicated rules id 981173
== Version 2.2.7 - 2012-12-19 ==
* Added JS Overrides file to identify successful XSS probes
* Added new XSS Detection Rules from Ashar Javed (
* Updated the SQLi Filters to add in Oracle specific functions
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Session Hijacking rules
* Fixed bug in XSS rules checking TX:PM_XSS_SCORE variable
== Version 2.2.6 - 2012-09-14 ==
* Started rule formatting update for better readability
* Added maturity and accuracy action data to each rule
* Updated rule revision (rev) action
* Added rule version (ver) action
* Added more regression tests (util/regression_tests/)
* Modified Rule ID 960342 to block large file attachments in phase:1
* Removed all PARANOID rule checks
* Added new Session Fixation rules
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed missing ending double-quotes in XSS rules file
* Moved SecDefaultAction setting from phase:2 to phase:1
* Fixed Session Hijacking SessionID Regex
* Changed the variable listing for many generic attack rules to exclude REQUEST_FILENAME
== Version 2.2.5 - 2012-06-14 ==
Security Fixes:
* Updated the anomaly scoring value for rule ID 960000 to critical
(Identified by Qualys Vulnerability & Malware Research Labs (VMRL))
* Updated Content-Type check to fix possible evasion with @within
(Identified by Qualys Vulnerability & Malware Research Labs (VMRL))
* Renamed main config file to modsecurity_crs_10_setup.conf
* Updated the rule IDs to start from CRS reserved range: 900000
* Updated rule formatting for readability
* Updated the CSRF rules to use UNIQUE_ID as the token source
* Added the script to the /util directory which converts
OWASP ZAP Scanner XML data into ModSecurity Virtual Patches
* Updated the Directory Traversal Signatures to include more obfuscated data
* Added Arachni Scanner Integration Lua script/rules files
Bug Fixes:
* Added forceRequestBodyVariable action to rule ID 960904
== Version 2.2.4 - 2012-03-14 ==
* Added Location and Set-Cookie checks to Response Splitting rule ID 950910
* Added a README file to the activated_rules directory
* Consolidate a number of SQL Injection rules into optimized regexs
* Removed multiMatch and replaceComments from SQL Injection rules
* Updated the SQLi regexs for greediness
* Updated the SQLi setvar anomaly score values to use macro expansion
* Removed PARANOID mode rules
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed missing comma before severity action in rules 958291, 958230 and 958231
* Fixed duplidate rule IDs
== Version 2.2.3 - 2011-12-19 ==
* Added Watcher Cookie Checks to optional_rules/modsecurity_crs_55_appication_defects.conf file
* Added Watcher Charset Checks to optional_rules/modsecurity_crs_55_application_defects.conf file
* Added Watcher Header Checks to optional_rules/modsecurity_crs_55_application_defects.conf file
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Content-Type evasion issue by adding ctl:forceRequestBodyVariable action to
rule ID 960010. (Identified by Andrew Wilson of Trustwave SpiderLabs).
* Updated the regex and added tags for RFI rules.
== Version 2.2.2 - 2011-09-28 ==
* Updated the AppSensor Profiling (to use Lua scripts) for Request Exceptions Detection Points
* Added new Range header detection checks to prevent Apache DoS
* Added new Security Scanner User-Agent strings
* Added example script to the /util directory to convert Arachni DAST scanner
XML data into ModSecurity virtual patching rules.
* Updated the SQLi Character Anomaly Detection Rules
* Added Host header info to the RESOURCE collection key for AppSensor profiling rules
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed action list for XSS rules (replaced pass,nolog,auditlog with block)
* Fixed Request Limit rules by removing & from variables
* Fixed Session Hijacking IP/UA hash captures
* Updated the SQLi regex for rule ID 981242
== Version 2.2.1 - 2011-07-20 ==
* Extensive SQL Injection signature updates as a result of the SQLi Challenge
* Updated the SQL Error message detection in response bodies
* Updated SQL Injection signatures to include more DB functions
* Updated the WEAK SQL Injection signatures
* Added tag AppSensor/RE8 to rule ID 960018
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Bad Robot logic for rule ID 990012 to further qualify User-Agent matches
* Fixed Session Hijacking rules to properly capture IP address network hashes.
* Added the multiMatch action to the SQLi rules
* Fixed a false negative logic flaw within the advanced_filter_converter.lua script
* Fixed missing : in id action in DoS ruleset.
* Updated rule ID 971150 signature to remove ;
== Version 2.2.0 - 2011-05-26 ==
* Changed Licensing from GPLv2 to Apache Software License v2 (ASLv2)
* Created new INSTALL file outlining quick config setup
* Added a new rule regression testing framework to the /util directory
* Added new activated_rules directory which will allow users to place symlinks pointing
to files they want to run. This allows for easier Apache Include wild-carding
* Adding in new RULE_MATURITY and RULE_ACCURACY tags
* Adding in a check for X-Forwarded-For source IP when creating IP collection
* Added new Application Defect checks (55 app defect file) from Watcher tool (Check Charset)
* Added new AppSensor rules to experimental_dir
* Added new Generic Malicious JS checks in outbound content
* Added experimental IP Forensic rules to gather Client hostname/whois info
* Added support for Mozilla's Content Security Policy (CSP) to the experimental_rules
* Global collection in the 10 file now uses the Host Request Header as the collection key.
This allows for per-site global collections.
* Added new SpiderLabs Research (SLR) rules directory (slr_rules) for known vulnerabilities.
This includes both converted web rules from Emerging Threats (ET) and from SLR Team.
* Added new SLR rule packs for known application vulns for WordPress, Joomla and phpBB
* Added experimental rules for detecting Open Proxy Abuse
* Added experimental Passive Vulnerability Scanning ruleset using OSVDB and Lua API
* Added additional URI Request Validation rule to the 20 protocol violations file (Rule ID - 981227)
* Added new SQLi detection rules (959070, 959071 and 959072)
* Added "Toata dragostea mea pentru diavola" to the malicious User-Agent data
Bug Fixes:
* Assigned IDs to all active SecRules/SecActions
* Removed rule inversion (!) from rule ID 960902
* Fixed false negative issue in Response Splitting Rule
* Fixed false negative issue with @validateByteRange check
* Updated the TARGETS listing for rule ID 950908
* Updated TX data for REQBODY processing
* Changed the pass action to block in the RFI rules in the 40 generic file
* Updated RFI regex to catch IP address usage in hostname
* Changed REQUEST_URI_RAW variable to REQUEST_LINE in SLR rules to allow matches on request methods.
* Updated the RFI rules in the 40 generic attacks conf file to remove explicit logging actions.
They will now inherit the settings from the SecDefaultAction
== Version 2.1.2 - 2011-02-17 ==
* Added experimental real-time application profiling ruleset.
* Added experimental Lua script for profiling the # of page scripts, iframes, etc..
which will help to identify successful XSS attacks and planting of malware links.
* Added new CSRF detection rule which will trigger if a subsequent request comes too
quickly (need to use the Ignore Static Content rules).
Bug Fixes:
* Added missing " in the skipAfter SecAction in the CC Detection rule set
== Version 2.1.1 - 2010-12-30 ==
Bug Fixes:
* Updated the 10 config conf file to add in pass action to User-Agent rule
* Updated the CSRF ruleset to conditionally do content injection - if the
csrf token was created by the session hijacking conf file
* Updated the session hijacking conf file to only enforce rules if a SessionID
Cookie was submitted
* Fixed macro expansion setvar bug in the restricted file extension rule
* Moved the comment spam data file into the optional_rules directory
== Version 2.1.0 - 2010-12-29 ==
* Added Experimental Lua Converter script to normalize payloads. Based on
PHPIDS Converter code and it used with the advanced filters conf file.
* Changed the name of PHPIDS converted rules to Advanced Filters
* Added Ignore Static Content (Performance enhancement) rule set
* Added XML Enabler (Web Services) rule set which will parse XML data
* Added Authorized Vulnerability Scanning (AVS) Whitelist rule set
* Added Denial of Service (DoS) Protection rule set
* Added Slow HTTP DoS (Connection Consumption) Protection rule set
* Added Brute Force Attack Protection rule set
* Added Session Hijacking Detection rule set
* Added Username Tracking rule set
* Added Authentication Tracking rule set
* Added Anti-Virus Scanning of File Attachments rule set
* Added AV Scanning program to /util directory
* Added Credit Card Usage Tracking/Leakage Prevention rule set
* Added experimental CC Track/PAN Leakage Prevention rule set
* Added an experimental_rules directory to hold new BETA rules
* Moved the local exceptions conf file back into base_rules directory however
it has a ".example" extension to prevent overwriting customized versions
when upgrading
* Separated out HTTP Parameter Pollution and Restricted Character Anomaly Detection rules to
the experimental_rules directory
* Adding the REQUEST_HEADERS:User-Agent macro data to the initcol in 10 config file, which will
help to make collections a bit more unique
== Version 2.0.10 - 2010-11-29 ==
* Commented out the Anomaly Scoring Blocking Mode TX variable since, by default, the CRS
is running in traditional mode.
Bug Fixes:
* Moved all skipAfter actions in chained rules to chain starter SecRules
* Changed phases on several rules in the 20 protocol anomaly rules file to phase:1 to avoid FNs
== Version 2.0.9 - 2010-11-17 ==
* Changed the name of the main config file to modsecurity_crs_10_config.conf.example so that
it will not overwrite existing config settings. Users should rename this file to activate
* Traditional detection mode is now the current default
* Users can now more easily toggle between traditional/standard mode vs. anomaly scoring mode
by editing the modsecurity_crs_10_config.conf file
* Updated the disruptive actions in most rules to use "block" action instead of "pass". This
is to allow for the toggling between traditional vs. anomaly scoring modes.
* Removed logging actions from most rules so that it can be controlled from the SecDefaultAction
setting in the modsecurity_crs_10_config.conf file
* Updated the anomaly scores in the modsecurity_crs_10_config.conf file to more closely match
what is used in the PHPIDS rules. These still have the same factor of severity even though
the numbers themselves are smaller.
* Updated the 49 and 59 blocking rules to include the matched logdata
* Updated the TAG data to further classify attack/vuln categories.
* Updated the SQL Injection filters to detect more boolean logic attacks
* Moved some files to optional_rules directory (phpids, Emerging Threats rules)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Rule ID 960023 in optional_rules/modsecurity_crs_40_experimental.conf is missing 1 single quote
* Moved all skipAfter actions in chained rules to the rule starter line (must have ModSec v2.5.13 or higher)
* Fixed restricted file extension bug with macro expansion
* Updated the SQLI TX variable macro expansion data in the 49 and 60 files so that
it matches what is being set in the sql injection conf file
* Fixed typo in SQL Injection regexs - missing backslash for word boundary (b)
== Version 2.0.8 - 2010-08-27 ==
* Updated the PHPIDS filters
* Updated the SQL Injection filters to detect boolean attacks (1<2, foo == bar, etc..)
* Updated the SQL Injection filters to account for different quotes
* Added UTF-8 encoding validation support to the modsecurity_crs_10_config.conf file
* Added Rule ID 950109 to detect multiple URL encodings
* Added two experimental rules to detect anomalous use of special characters
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed Encoding Detection RegEx (950107 and 950108)
* Fixed script to better handle whitespace
* Fixed missing pass action bug in modsecurity_crs_21_protocol_anomalies.conf
* Fixed the anomaly scoring in the modsecurity_crs_41_phpids_filters.conf file
* Updated XSS rule id 958001 to improve the .cookie regex to reduce false positives
== Version 2.0.7 - 2010-06-04 ==
* Added CSRF Protection Ruleset which will use Content Injection to add javascript to
specific outbound data and then validate the csrf token on subsequent requests.
* Added new Application Defect Ruleset which will identify/fix missing HTTPOnly cookie
* Added Experimental XSS/Missing Output Escaping Ruleset which looks for user supplied
data being echoed back to user unchanged.
* Added script and configuration file to allow users to automatically
download CRS rules from the CRS rules repository.
* Added new SQLi keyword for ciel() and reverse() functions.
* Updated the PHPIDS filters
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed false positives for Request Header Name matching in the 30 file by
adding boundary characters.
* Added missing pass actions to @pmFromFile prequalifier rules
* Added backslash to SQLi regex
* Fixed hard coded anomaly score in PHPIDS filter file
* Fixed restricted_extension false positive by adding boundary characters
== Version 2.0.6 - 2010-02-26 ==
Bug Fixes:
* Added missing transformation functions to SQLi rules.
* Fixed duplicate rule IDs.
* Fixed typo in @pmFromFile in the Comment SPAM rules
* Added macro expansion to Restricted Headers rule
* Fixed misspelled SecMarker
* Fixed missing chain action in Content-Type header check
* Update phpids filters to use pass action instead of block
== Version 2.0.5 - 2010-02-01 ==
* Removed previous 10 config files as they may conflict with local customized Mod configs.
* Added a new 10 config file that allows the user to globally set TX variables to turn on/off
PARANOID_MODE inspection, set anomaly score levels and http policies.
Must have ModSecurity 2.5.12 to use the macro expansion in numeric operators.
* Added Rule Logic and Reference links to rules descriptions.
* Added Rule IDs to all rules.
* Added tag data mapping to new OWASP Top 10 and AppSensor Projects, WASC Threat Classification
* Removed Apache limit directives from the 23 file
* Added macro expansion to 23 file checks.
* Added @pmFromFile check to 35 bad robots file
* Added malicious UA strings to 35 bad robots check
* Created an experimental rules file
* Updated HTTP Parameter Pollution (HPP) rule logic to concat data into a TX variable for inspection
* Removed TX inspections for generic attacks and reverted to standard ARGS inspection
* Updated the variable list for standard inspections (ARGS|ARGS_NAMES|XML:/*) and moved the other
* Moved converted ET Snort rules to the /optional_rules directory
* Created a new Header Tagging ruleset (optional_rules) that will add matched rule data to the
request headers.
* Updated Inbound blocking conf file to use macro expansion from the 10 config file settings
* Added separate anomaly scores for inbound, outbound and total to be evaluated for blocking.
* Updated the regex logic in the (1=1) rule to factor in quotes and other logical operators.
* Updated the SPAMMER RBL check rules logic to only check once per IP/Day.
* Added new outbound malware link detection rules.
* Added PHP "call_user_func" to blacklist
Identified by SOGETI ESEC R&D
Bug Fixes:
* Removed Non-numeric Rule IDs
* Updated the variable list on SQLi rules.
* Fixed outbound @pmFromFile action from allow to skipAfter to allow for outbound anomaly scoring
and blocking
== Version 2.0.4 - 2009-11-30 ==
* Updated converted PHPIDS signatures (
* Updated PHPIDS rules logic to first search for payloads in ARGS and then if there is no match found
then search more generically in request_body|request_uri_raw
* Updated PHPIDS rules logic to only set TX variables and to not log. This allows for more clean
exceptions in the 48 file which can then expire/delete false positive TX matches and adjust the
anomaly scores. These rules will then inspect for any TX variables in phase:5 and create appropriate
alerts for any variable matches that exist.
Bug Fixes:
* Added Anomaly Score check to the 60 correlation file to recheck the anomaly score at the end of
phase:4 which would allow for blocking based on information leakage issues.
== Version 2.0.3 - 2009-11-05 ==
* Updated converted PHPIDS signatures (
* Create a new PHPIDS Converter rules file (
* Added new rules to identify multipart/form-data bypass attempts
* Increased anomaly scoring (+100) for REQBODY_PROCESSOR_ERROR alerts
Bug Fixes:
* Added t:urlDecodeUni transformation function to phpids rules to fix both false positives/negatives
* Added new variable locations to the phpids filters
* Use of transformation functions can cause false negatives - added multiMatch action to phpids rules
* Fixed multipart parsing evasion issues by adding strict parsing rules
* Fixed typo in xss rules (missing |)
* Fixed regex text in IE8 XSS filters (changed to lowercase)
== Version 2.0.2 - 2009-09-11 ==
* Added converted PHPIDS signatures (
Bug Fixes:
* Rule 958297 - Fixed Comment SPAM UA false positive that triggered only on mozilla.
== Version 2.0.1 - 2009-08-07 ==
* Updated the transformation functions used in the XSS/SQLi rules to improve performance
* Updated the variable/target list in the XSS rules
* Added XSS Filters from IE8
Bug Fixes:
* Rule 958297 - Fixed unescaped double-quote issue in Comment SPAM UA rule.
== Version 2.0.0 - 2009-07-29 ==
New Rules & Features:
* Fine Grained Policy
The rules have been split to having one signature per rule instead of having
all signatures combined into one optimized regular expression.
This should allow you to modify/disable events based on specific patterns
instead of having to deal with the whole rule.
* Converted Snort Rules
Emerging Threat web attack rules have been converted.
* Anomaly Scoring Mode Option
The rules have been updated to include anomaly scoring variables which allow
you to evaluate the score at the end of phase:2 and phase:5 and decide on what
logging and disruptive actions to take based on the score.
* Correlated Events
There are rules in phase:5 that will provide some correlation between inbound
events and outbound events and will provide a result of successful atttack or
attempted attack.
* Updated Severity Ratings
The severity ratings in the rules have been updated to the following:
- 0: Emergency - is generated from correlation where there is an inbound attack and
an outbound leakage.
- 1: Alert - is generated from correlation where there is an inbound attack and an
outbound application level error.
- 2: Critical - is the highest severity level possible without correlation. It is
normally generated by the web attack rules (40 level files).
- 3: Error - is generated mostly from outbound leakabe rules (50 level files).
- 4: Warning - is generated by malicious client rules (35 level files).
- 5: Notice - is generated by the Protocol policy and anomaly files.
- 6: Info - is generated by the search engine clients (55 marketing file).
* Updated Comment SPAM Protections
Updated rules to include RBL lookups and client fingerprinting concepts from
Bad Behavior (
* Creation of Global Collection
Automatically create a Global collection in the *10* config file. Other rules
can then access it.
* Use of Block Action
Updated the rules to use the "block" action. This allows the Admin to globally
set the desired block action once with SecDefaultAction in the *10* config file
rather than having to edit the disruptive actions in all of the rules or for
the need to have multiple versions of the rules (blocking vs. non-blocking).
* "Possible HTTP Parameter Pollution Attack: Multiple Parameters with the same Name."
* Added new generic RFI detection rules.
* "Possibly malicious iframe tag in output" (Rules 981001,981002)
Planting invisible iframes in a site can be used by attackers to point users
from the victim site to their malicious site. This is actually as if the
user was visiting the attacker's site himself, causing the user's browser to
process the content in the attacker's site.
New Events:
* Rule 960019 - Expect Header Not Allowed.
* Rule 960020 - Pragma Header Requires Cache-Control Header
* Rule 958290 - Invalid Character in Request - Browsers should not send the (#) character
as it is reserved for use as a fragment identifier within the html page.
* Rule 958291 - Range: field exists and begins with 0.
* Rule 958292 - Invalid Request Header Found.
* Rule 958293 - Lowercase Via Request Header Found.
* Rule 958294 - Common SPAM Proxies found in Via Request Header.
* Rule 958295 - Multiple/Conflicting Connection Header Data Found.
* Rule 958296 - Request Indicates a SPAM client accessed the Site.
* Rule 958297 - Common SPAM/Email Harvester crawler.
* Rule 958298 - Common SPAM/Email Harvester crawler
Bug Fixes:
* Rule 950107 - Split the rule into 2 separate rules to factor in the
Content-Type when inspecting the REQUEST_BODY variable.
* Rule 960017 - Bug fix for when having port in the host header.
* Rule 960014 - Bug fix to correlate the SERVER_NAME variable.
* Rule 950801 - Increased the logic so that the rule will only run if the web site
uses UTF-8 Encoding.
* Rules 999210,999211 - Bug fix to move ctl actions to last rule, add OPTIONS and
allow the IPv6 loopback address
* Rule 950117 - Updated the RFI logic to factor in both a trailing "?" in the ARG
and to identify offsite hosts by comparing the ARG URI to the Host
header. Due to this rule now being stronger, moved it from optional
tight security rule to *40* generic attacks file.
Other Fixes:
* Added more HTTP Protocol violations to *20* file.
* Set the SecDefaultAction in the *10* config file to log/pass (This was the
default setting, however this sets it explicitly.
* Added SecResponseBodyLimitAction ProcessPartial to the *10* config file. This
was added so that when running the SecRuleEngine in DetectionOnly mode, it will
not deny response bodies that go over the size restrictions.
* Changed SecServerSignature to "Apache/1.3.28"
* Fixed the use of SkipAfter and SecMarkers to make it consistent. Now have
BEGIN and END SecMarkers for rule groups to more accurately allow moving to
proper locations.
* Fixed the @pm/@pmFromFile pre-qualifier logic to allow for operator inversion.
This removes the need for some SecAction/SkipAfter rules.
* Updated rule formatting to easily show rule containers (SecMarkers, pre-qualifier
rules and chained rules).
== Version 1.6.1 - 2008-04-22 ==
* Fixed a bug where phases and transformations where not specified explicitly
in rules. The issue affected a significant number of rules, and we strongly
recommend to upgrade.
== Version 1.6.0 - 2008-02-19 ==
New Rulesets & Features:
* 42 - Tight Security
This ruleset contains currently 2 rules which are considered highly prone
to FPs. They take care of Path Traversal attacks, and RFI attacks. This
ruleset is included in the optional_rulesets dir
* 42 - Comment Spam
Comment Spam is used by the spammers to increase their rating in search
engines by posting links to their site in other sites that allow posting
of comments and messages. The rules in this ruleset will work against that.
(Requires ModSecurity 2.5)
* Tags
A single type of attack is often detected by multiple rules. The new alert
classification tags solve this issue by providing an alternative alert type
indication and can serve for filtering and analysis of audit logs.
The classification tags are hierarchical with slashes separating levels.
Usually there are two levels with the top level describing the alert group
and the lower level denoting the alert type itself, for example:
False Positives Fixes:
* Rule 960903 - Moved to phase 4 instead of 5 to avoid FPs
* Rule 950107 - Will look for invalid url decoding in variables that are not
automatically url decoded
Additional rules logic:
* Using the new "logdata" action for logging the matched signature in rules
* When logging an event once, init the collection only if the alert needs to log
* Using the new operator @pm as a qualifier before large rules to enhance
performance (Requires ModSecurity 2.5)
* SQL injection - A smarter regexp is used to detect 1=1,2=2,etc.. and not
only 1=1. (Thanks to Marc Stern for the idea)
* New XSS signatures - iframe & flash XSS
== Version 1.5.1 - 2007-12-06 ==
False Positives Fixes:
* Protocol Anomalies (file 21) - exception for Apache SSL pinger (Request: GET /)
New Events:
* 960019 - Detect HTTP/0.9 Requests
HTTP/0.9 request are not common these days. This rule will log by default,
and block in the blocking version of file 21
Other Fixes:
* File 40, Rules 950004,950005 - Repaired the correction for the double
url decoding problem
* File 55 contained empty regular expressions. Fixed.
== Version 1.5 - 2007-11-23 ==
New Rulesets:
* 23 - Request Limits
"Judging by appearances". This rulesets contains rules blocking based on
the size of the request, for example, a request with too many arguments
will be denied.
Default policy changes:
* XML protection off by default
* BLOCKING dir renamed to optional_rules
* Ruleset 55 (marketing) is now optional (added to the optional_rules dir)
* Ruleset 21 - The exception for apache internal monitor will not log anymore
New Events:
* 960912 - Invalid request body
Malformed content will not be parsed by modsecurity, but still there might
be applications that will parse it, ignoring the errors.
* 960913 - Invalid Request
Will trigger a security event when request was rejected by apache with
code 400, without going through ModSecurity rules.
Additional rules logic:
* 950001 - New signature: delete from
* 950007 - New signature: waitfor delay
False Positives Fixes:
* 950006 - Will not be looking for /cc pattern in User-Agent header
* 950002 - "Internet Explorer" signature removed
* Double decoding bug used to cause FPs. Some of the parameters are already
url-decoded by apache. This caused FPs when the rule performed another
url-decoding transformation. The rules have been split so that parameters
already decoded by apache will not be decoded by the rules anymore.
* 960911 - Expression is much more permissive now
* 950801 - Commented out entirely. NOTE: If your system uses UTF8 encoding,
then you should uncomment this rule (in file 20)
version 1.4.3 - 2007-07-21
New Events:
* 950012 - HTTP Request Smuggling
For more info on this attack:
* 960912 - Invalid request body
Malformed content will not be parsed by modsecurity, but still there might
be applications that will parse it, ignoring the errors.
* 960913 - Invalid Request
Will trigger a security event when request was rejected by apache with
code 400, without going through ModSecurity rules.
False Positives Fixes:
* 950107 - Will allow a % sign in the middle of a string as well
* 960911 - A more accurate expression based on the rfc:
* 950015 - Will not look for http/ pattern in the request headers
Additional rules logic:
* Since Apache applies scope directives only after ModSecurity phase 1
this directives cannot be used to exclude phase 1 rules. Therefore
we moved all inspection rules to phase 2.
version 1.4 build 2 - 2007-05-17
New Feature:
* Search for signatures in XML content
XML Content will be parsed and ispected for signatures
New Events:
* 950116 - Unicode Full/Half Width Abuse Attack Attempt
Full-width unicode can by used to bypass content inspection. Such encoding will be forbidden
* 960911 - Invalid HTTP request line
Enforce request line to be valid, i.e.: <METHOD> <path> <HTTP version>
* 960904 - Request Missing Content-Type (when there is content)
When a request contains content, the content-type must be specified. If not, the content will not be inspected
* 970018 - IIS installed in default location (any drive)
Log once if IIS in installed in the /Inetpub directory (on any drive, not only C)
* 950019 - Email Injection
Web forms used for sending mail (such as "tell a friend") are often manipulated by spammers for sending anonymous emails
Regular expressions fixes:
* Further optimization of some regular expressions (using the non-greediness operator)
The non-greediness operator, <?>, prevents excessive backtracking
FP fixes:
* Rule 950107 - Will allow a parameter to end in a % sign from now on
version 1.4 - 2007-05-02
New Events:
* 970021 - WebLogic information disclosure
Matching of "<title>JSP compile error</title>" in the response body, will trigger this rule, with severity 4 (Warning)
* 950015,950910,950911 - HTTP Response Splitting
Looking for HTTP Response Splitting patterns as described in Amit Klein's excellent white paper:
ModSecurity does not support compressed content at the moment. Thus, the following rules have been added:
* 960902 - Content-Encoding in request not supported
Any incoming compressed request will be denied
* 960903 - Content-Encoding in response not supported
An outgoing compressed response will be logged to alert, but ONLY ONCE.
False Positives Fixes:
* Removed <.exe>,<.shtml> from restricted extensions
* Will not be looking for SQL Injection signatures <root@>,<coalesce> in the Via request header
* Excluded Referer header from SQL injection, XSS and command injection rules
* Excluded X-OS-Prefs header from command injection rule
* Will be looking for command injection signatures in
* Allowing charset specification in the <application/x-www-form-urlencoded> Content-Type
Additional rules logic:
* Corrected match of OPTIONS method in event 960015
* Changed location for event 960014 (proxy access) to REQUEST_URI_RAW
* Moved all rules apart from method inspection from phase 1 to phase 2 -
This will enable viewing content if such a rule triggers as well as setting
exceptions using Apache scope tags.
* Added match for double quote in addition to single quote for <or x=x> signature (SQL Injection)
* Added 1=1 signature (SQL Injection)
version 1.3.2 build 4 2007-01-17
Fixed apache 2.4 dummy requests exclusion
Added persistent PDF UXSS detection rule
== Version 1.3.2 build 3 2007-01-10 ==
Fixed regular expression in rule 960010 (file #30) to allow multipart form data
== Version 1.3.2 - 2006-12-27 ==
New events:
* 960037 Directory is restricted by policy
* 960038 HTTP header is restricted by policy
Regular expressions fixes:
* Regular expressions with @ at end of beginning (for example "@import)
* Regular expressions with un-escaped "."
* Command Injections now always require certain characters both before and after the command. Important since many are common English words (finger, mail)
* The command injection wget is not searched in the UA header as it has different meaning there.
* LDAP Fixed to reduce FPs:
+ More accurate regular expressions
+ high bit characters not accpeted between signature tokens.
* Do not detect <?xml as a PHP tag in both PHP injection and PHP source leakage
* Removed Java from automation UA
* When validating encoding, added regexp based chained rule that accepts both %xx and %uxxxxx encoding bypassing a limitation of "@validateUrlEncoding"
Additional rules logic:
* Checks for empty headers in addition to missing ones (Host, Accept and User-Agent)
* OPTIONS method does not require an accept header.
* Apache keep alive request exception.
* PROPFIND and OPTIONS can be used without content-encoding (like HEAD and GET)
* Validate byte range checks by default only that no NULL char exists.
* Added CSS to allowed extensions in strict rule sets.
* Changed default action in file #50 to pass instead of deny.
* Moved IP host header from protocol violations to protocol anomalies.
Modified descriptions:
* 950107: URL Encoding Abuse Attack Attempt
* 950801: UTF8 Encoding Abuse Attack Attempt
* Added matched pattern in many events using capture and %{TX.0}
* Added ctl:auditLogParts=+E for outbound events and attacks to collect response.
== Version 1.2 - 2006-11-19 ==
+ Move all events to the range of events allocated to Thinking Stone, now Breach
by prefixing all event IDs with "9".
+ Reverse severities to follow the Syslog format used by ModSecurity, now 1 is
the highest and 5 the lowest.
Bug fixes:
+ Removed quotes from list of mime types inspected on exit (directive
+ Corrected "cd .." signature. Now the periods are escaped.
+ Too many FPs with events 950903 & 950905. Commented them out until fixed.
== Version 1.1 - 2006-10-18 ==
Initial version