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b00bdd3 Updated development documentation somewhat.
Zef Hemel authored
1 Documentation for developers
2 ============================
4 Constructor functions
5 ---------------------
7 var Task = persistence.define('Task', {
8 name: "TEXT",
9 done: "BOOL"
10 });
11 var Category = persistence.define('Category', {
12 name: "TEXT"
13 });
14 Task.hasOne('category', Category);
16 `Task` is a constructor function that is used to create new instances of the `Task` entity, but also can be used to retrieve meta data from, using `Task.meta`. This `meta` field provides the following information:
18 * `name`, the name of the entity as set as first argument of `define`
19 * `fields`, the field object passed to the original `define`,
20 consisting of property names as keys and textual column types as
21 values.
22 * `hasOne`, an object with relation names as keys and relationship
23 objects as values. The relationship object currently has one field:
24 `type`: which links to the constructor function of the type of the
25 relation. Example: `Task.hasOne.category.type` will equal the
26 `Category` constructor.
27 * `hasMany`, an object with relation anmes as keys and relationship objects as values. The relationship has the following fields:
28 * `type`: the constructor function of the relationship entity
29 * `inverseProperty`: the property name of the inverse relation
30 * `manyToMany`: a boolean value indicating if this is a manyToMany
31 relationship or not (then it's a one-tomany)
32 * `tableName`: name of the utility coupling table used for a
33 many-to-many relationship
35 Extension hooks
36 ----------------
38 * `persistence.entityDecoratorHooks`: a list of functions (with the
39 constructor function as argument) to be called to decorate. Useful to
40 add new functionality to constructo functions, such as `Task.index`.
41 * `persistence.flushHooks`: a list of functions to be called before flushing.
42 * `persistence.schemaSyncHooks`: a list of functions to be called before syncing the schema.
792501e @zefhemel Working on selectJSON, refactoring some code.
zefhemel authored
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