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Moved issues to the issue tracker.

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Zef Hemel authored
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@@ -213,29 +213,15 @@ Example:
`persistence.js` is still in its early development stages and not
extensively tested so there may be many bugs. If you find a bug,
-please report it to [me by mail](, or fork the
-project, fix the problem and send me a pull request.
-Known issues:
-* Google Gears has a synchronous database API, it is possible to
- create an asynchronous wrapper around it, but this is currently not
- part of `persistence.js`, therefore calls are currently performed
- synchronously, which may not have the best performance
- characteristics. This can possibly be fixed by using e.g.
- [WSPL](
-* Implement non-persisted `QueryCollection`s, e.g. as a wrapper around
- regular Javascript arrays to provide similar functionality to other
- collections.
-* Synchronization with (views on) remote databases.
+please [report it](,
+or fork the project, fix the problem and send me a pull request. For
+a list of planned features and open issues, have a look at the [issue
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