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@@ -135,19 +135,13 @@ Objects can also be removed from the database:
All changes made to tracked objects can be flushed to the database by
using `persistence.flush`, which takes a transaction object and
callback function as arguments. A new transaction can be started using
-`persistence.transaction`, but for convenience `persistence.flush` can
-also start a transaction itself, if a `null` value is supplied for the
persistence.transaction(function(tx) {
persistence.flush(tx, function() {
alert('Done flushing!');
- // or:
- persistence.flush(null, function() {
- alert('Done flushing!');
- });
For convenience, it is also possible to not specify a transaction or callback, in that
case a new transaction will be started automatically. For instance:
@@ -162,8 +156,8 @@ Note that when no callback is defined, the flushing still happens asynchronously
__Important__: Changes and new objects will not be persisted until you
explicitly call `persistence.flush()`. The exception to this rule is
-when using the `list(...)` method on a `QueryCollection`, which also
-flushes first.
+using the `list(...)` method on a database `QueryCollection`, which also
+flushes first, although this behavior may change in the future.
Dumping (and restoring) a database

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