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I tweaked persistence.js slightly and it seems to work in IE9 now (using the in-memory store). Just replace your usages of __defineG/Setter__ like so:

myobject.__defineGetter__(field, mycallback);
Object.defineProperty(myobject, field, { get : myGetCallback, set : mySetCallback, enumerable : true, configurable : true });

It appears to work in IE9 and the latest versions of webkit.

The only other change I had to make was in LocalQueryCollection.prototype.add/addAll, I moved this._items.push(obj); to be above this._session.add(obj); instead of below it, because otherwise I was encountering infinite recursion. I don't know why that happened in IE and not Chrome.


Correct. I just call persistence.loadFromLocalStorage and persistence.saveToLocalStorage. To be fair, I haven't tested it extensively, but my data shows up and is persisted, so that's better than before.

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