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Syncing down thousands of changes at a time doesn't work #99

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Cortland Klein Zef Hemel
Cortland Klein

I've got sync set up and working, however I've got thousands of changes that were made server side.

After sync calls GET /api/testSync?since=1344020688591 and gets back the huge changes array, it tries to do a local DB query:

SELECT `root`.id AS Deck_id, `root`.`name` AS `Deck_name`, `root`.`lastUploaded` AS `Deck_lastUploaded`, `root`.`_lastChange` AS `Deck__lastChange` FROM `Deck` AS `root`  WHERE (1=1 AND `root`.`id` IN (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, <snip>

... where the IN clause has thousands of arguments.

I'm betting the issue is that, in Chrome and probably Safari, it appears there is a limit to the number of arguments to an IN clause.

As a workaround, I considered only sending to the client a few records at a time with a forged now key, and then just run sync over and over again, however that won't work in this case since the thousands of changes all have the exact same _lastChange key.

Zef Hemel zefhemel closed this issue from a commit
Cortland Klein Fix #99. Break up big queries into little ones
Also does the filtering out in code in one of them
Zef Hemel zefhemel closed this in 5af2659
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