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  • Modularize question generation for game

  • Intuitively cycle through questions for game with 'next' button

  • Introduce answers and answer checking while cycling through questions in place of 'next' button

  • Ensure one user can be informed they chose the correct or incorrect answer, and is able to play the entire game by themselves

  • Introduce fake answer creation, and displaying the correct and incorrect answer

  • Introduce socket rooms, placing new users in the appropriate socket room

  • Introduce socket room limit (1 sockets limit for now, 5 later)

  • ensure we can play the whole basic game

  • Increase user limit to 2 connections, ensure game does not start unless player cap is reached

  • Play game with 2 users, hope nothing broke

  • Introduce full 5 player game, hope nothing broke

  • [enter contendify 0.5]

  • Points and shit