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Contendify is a research-based education platform for the classroom. Contendify aims to benefit both students and teachers. With Contendify, students will have engaging research-based games and teachers will have platform with in-depth statistics.
# How it works
Here is an example of a typical assessment test. Students will join a room together and will be given a question. Instead of answering the question with the answer they think is correct, it is their job to submit a distractors in order to dupe their opponents into choosing it.
Then, the students will be able to choose what they think is the right answer from a multiple choice pool of distractors (and the right answer). If they choose a distractor that their opponent (classmate) submitted, they will lose points.
Research has shown that being able to come up with effective distractors takes a high level of understanding of the concepts in the class.
# Technologies
Javascript, Node/Express, MongoDB, HTML/CSS.
Javascript, Node/Express, MongoDB, HTML/CSS.
We used web sockets ( handle the real time submission of fake answers and the multiple choice answering.
# Coming soon
We plan to add a full interface for teachers to check the progress of their students, add questions and view more details about the assessment test.
Teachers can view the content and check the status of questions:
Question submission is simple:
Teachers can view which distractors were most effective in duping the students:
The student ranking can also be viewed so that teachers can keep tabs on which students need the most assistance:
These questions can be used as content material in future classes. Contendify is a more efficient, effective and engaging way to teach class concepts and provide content for teachers.

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