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πŸ’Ή Custom Timeline Eras

This project demonstrates how to trigger outcomes and display custom outcomes as eras on the Experience Profile timeline in Sitecore.

πŸ—οΈ Setup

🐳 Docker

  1. Build the Sitecore 9.3 docker images using the steps in the Sitecore Docker images repository.
  2. Build the solution with the Docker build configuration.
  3. Publish both projects in the solution with the Docker publish profiles.
  4. On the command line:
    1. cd C:\[path-to]\sitecore-custom-timeline-eras
    2. docker-compose up

πŸ’½ Locally

  1. Install a new instance of Sitecore 9.3.
  2. Update the publishUrl in PublishSettings.Sitecore.targets to your Sitecore installation's web root (e.g., C:\inetpub\wwwroot\
  3. Update the publishUrl in PublishSettings.xConnect.IndexWorker.targets to your xConnect index worker's install folder (e.g., C:\inetpub\wwwroot\sc93.xconnect\App_Data\jobs\continuous\IndexWorker).
  4. Update the physicalRootPath in CustomSerializationFolder.config to point to the root of this repository on your disk.
  5. Build the solution with the Debug build configuration.
  6. Publish both projects in the solution with the Local publish profile.

πŸš€ Usage

  1. Publish the site from Sitecore.
  2. Open the home page in an incognito window or clear your cookies.
  3. Click the Identify Contact button to identify the current session.
  4. Trigger some outcomes.
  5. Click the Abandon Session button to force the outcomes to show up on the Experience Profile.
  6. Open the Experience Profile from the Sitecore Launchpad and click Bruce Wayne to see the outcomes on the timeline.
  7. Enjoy.

πŸ’‘ Notes

This repository contains Sitecore Support patch Sitecore.Support.126998.134727 to fix an issue with the timeline. Please see the with that patch for more information.


πŸŒ‹ Sample @Sitecore project to demonstrate how to trigger outcomes and show custom eras in the Experience Profile timeline.







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