A node.js distribution metadata service, designed to support node version managers.
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Use https://nodejs.org/download/release/index.json instead.

This list will no longer receive updates, but I will still merge PR's. This was originally created because NVM For Windows needed a list of releases, but there was no official data feed at that time. Now that the Node Foundation publishes an official feed, nodedistro is no longer necessary. NVM For Windows 1.1.0 is the last version to use nodedistro. Version 1.1.1 (released July 1, 2016) uses the official list.

UPDATE: 10/30/2015

The script has been rewritten to support the new release process (i.e. supporting Node v4.0.0+).

Node.js Version Distribution List

This is a metadata "service" written for nvm for windows. Basically, it's a list of Node.js versions and their associated npm version, in JSON format, and automatically updated (see "How it Works"). Other version management utilities may find this useful as well.

Anyone can use the raw data.

How it Works

I host a script on iron.io that runs every hour. It scrapes the node.js releases and compares it to the current list maintained in this repository. It adds any new versions it finds to the list and commits it back to this repository.

Issues & Fixes

While the scraper script is fairly robust, it's still possible that erroneous data could show up in the data here. If you see an error in the data here, please submit a PR with the fix and a note about what was wrong. The script won't overwrite manual changes.