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<h2>What is it?</h2>
<p>Global Day of Coderetreat is a world-wide event celebrating passion and software craftsmanship. <strong>Over 2000 passionate software developers around the world</strong> will spend the day practicing the craft of software development using the <a href="">coderetreat format</a>. You can find out more information about the day on <a href="">the coderetreat blog</a>.</p>
-<p>Please see our <a href="press_release.html">press release</a></p>
+<p>Please see our <a href="">press release</a></p>
<h2>Where is it?</h2>
<p>Global Day of Coderetreat currently has <strong>over 80 cities registered around the globe</strong>, and we are organizing more cities all the time. You can find out specific details of whether there is an event in your city on <a href="">the current global day event listing</a>.<p>

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