New Scala starting point and updated Java starting point #4

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  • I created a starting point for Scala which includes files needed to support the three major IDEs used by Scala developers (Eclipse, NetBeans, and Intellij IDEA).
  • I also updated the Java starting point to also include support files for the three IDEs.
  • I made sure both starting points are consistent (for example, same package names) and that they can be imported into each IDE at the same time.
Jim Hurne added some commits Oct 29, 2011
Jim Hurne Added Scala starting point.
The Scala starting point includes project files for:

- Eclipse
- InteliJ IDEA
- NetBeans
Jim Hurne Updated Java starting point to support IDEs
- Added project files for:
    - Eclipse
    - InteliJ IDEA
    - NetBeans
- Removed starting class per suggestion from Corey.
- Added further detail to the
Jim Hurne Fixed typos in the scala README. edf93d3
@coreyhaines coreyhaines merged commit adbad2a into coreyhaines:master Oct 31, 2011
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