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Tweetbot makes writing twitter bots twivial!

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So you want to write a twitter bot. Use my gem. Then, you can just do this:

load 'twitter_auth.rb'
require 'tweetbot'

bot = TweetBot.configure do |config|
  config.response_frequency = 100

  config.respond_to_phrase "tweetbot example phrase" do |responses|
    responses << "I am tweetbot!" << "You rang?" << "Pretty cool, thanks for saying hello"

  config.respond_to_phrase "hey @tweetbot" do |responses|
    responses << "Hey back at ya" << "You rang again?"

  config.twitter_auth = TwitterAuth::AuthKeys

and build a file called twitter_auth.rb that has your keys

module TwitterAuth
  MyName = 'twitter_name'
  ApigeeEnpoint = nil
  def self.use_apigee?
  AuthKeys = {
    consumer_key: "key",
    consumer_secret: "secret",
    oauth_token: "token",
    oauth_token_secret: "token_secret"

Abstracting out the apigee stuff, don't worry. Just leave it like that for now.
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