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+let g:netrw_dirhistmax =10
+let g:netrw_dirhist_cnt =1
+let g:netrw_dirhist_1='/Users/coreyhaines/Documents/projects/ioke/my_stuff/koans/koans'
2 .vimrc
@@ -23,4 +23,6 @@ map <silent> <LocalLeader>nr :NERDTree<CR>
map <silent> <LocalLeader>nh :nohls<CR>
+map <silent> <LocalLeader>oi :!open %<CR>
set vb
@@ -0,0 +1,217 @@
+*fugitive.txt* A Git wrapper so awesome, it should be illegal
+Author: Tim Pope <> *fugitive-author*
+License: Same terms as Vim itself (see |license|)
+This plugin is only available if 'compatible' is not set.
+INTRODUCTION *fugitive*
+Install in ~/.vim, or in ~\vimfiles if you're on Windows and feeling lucky.
+Vim 7.2 is recommended as it ships with syntax highlighting for many Git file
+If you're in a hurry to get started, here are some things to try:
+In any file in your repository, run |:Gedit| HEAD. Press <CR> to jump to the
+current branch. Press <CR> again to jump to the top most commit. Keep using
+<CR> to explore parent commits, trees, and blobs. Use C in a tree or blob to
+get back to the commit.
+Edit a file in the work tree and make some changes. Use |:Gdiff| to open up
+the indexed version. Use |do| and |dp| on various hunks to bring the files in
+sync, or use |:Gread| to pull in all changes. Write the indexed version to
+stage the file.
+Run |:Gstatus| to check your repository's status. Use "-" to stage and reset
+files and "p" to add/reset --patch them. Invoke |:Gcommit| to commit your
+Run |:Gblame| in a work tree file to see a blame in a vertical split. Press
+<CR> on any line to reopen and reblame that file as it stood in that commit.
+Press o or O on any line to inspect that commit in a split or a tab.
+Run |:Ggrep| to search the work tree or history. Run |:Gmove| to rename a
+file. Run |:Gremove| to delete a file.
+COMMANDS *fugitive-commands*
+These commands are local to the buffers in which they work (generally, buffers
+that are part of Git repositories).
+ *fugitive-:Git*
+:Git [args] Run an arbitrary git command. Similar to :!git [args]
+ but chdir to the repository tree first.
+ *fugitive-:Gcd*
+:Gcd [directory] |:cd| relative to the repository.
+ *fugitive-:Glcd*
+:Glcd [directory] |:lcd| relative to the repository.
+ *fugitive-:Gstatus*
+:Gstatus Bring up the output of git-status in the preview
+ window. Press - to stage or unstage the file on the
+ cursor line. Press p to do so on a per hunk basis
+ (--patch). Press C to invoke |:Gcommit|.
+ *fugitive-:Gcommit*
+:Gcommit [args] A wrapper around git-commit. If there is nothing
+ to commit, |:Gstatus| is called instead. Unless the
+ arguments given would skip the invocation of an editor
+ (e.g., -m), a split window will be used to obtain a
+ commit message. Write and close that window (:wq or
+ |:Gwrite|) to finish the commit. Unlike when running
+ the actual git-commit command, it is possible (but
+ unadvisable) to muck with the index with commands like
+ git-add and git-reset while a commit message is
+ pending.
+ *fugitive-:Ggrep*
+:Ggrep [args] |:grep| with git-grep as 'grepprg'.
+ *fugitive-:Glog*
+:Glog [args] Load all previous revisions of the current file into
+ the quickfix list. Additional git-log arguments can
+ be given (for example, --reverse). If "--" appears as
+ an argument, no file specific filtering is done, and
+ commits are loaded into the quickfix list.
+ *fugitive-:Gedit* *fugitive-:Ge*
+:Gedit [revision] |:edit| a |fugitive-revision|.
+ *fugitive-:Gsplit*
+:Gsplit [revision] |:split| a |fugitive-revision|.
+ *fugitive-:Gvsplit*
+:Gvsplit [revision] |:vsplit| a |fugitive-revision|.
+ *fugitive-:Gtabedit*
+:Gtabedit [revision] |:tabedit| a |fugitive-revision|
+ *fugitive-:Gpedit*
+:Gpedit [revision] |:pedit| a |fugitive-revision|
+ *fugitive-:Gread*
+:Gread [revision] Empty the buffer and |:read| a |fugitive-revision|.
+ When the argument is omitted, this is similar to
+ git-checkout on a work tree file or git-add on a stage
+ file, but without writing anything to disk.
+:{range}Gread [revision]
+ |:read| in a |fugitive-revision| after {range}.
+ *fugitive-:Gread!*
+:Gread! [revision] Deprecated synonym for |:Gread|.
+ *fugitive-:Gwrite*
+:Gwrite Write to the current file's path and stage the results.
+ When run in a work tree file, it is effectively git
+ add. Elsewhere, it is effectively git-checkout. A
+ great deal of effort is expended to behave sensibly
+ when the work tree or index version of the file is
+ open in another buffer.
+:Gwrite {path} You can give |:Gwrite| an explicit path of where in
+ the work tree to write. You can also give a path like
+ :0:foo.txt or even :0 to write to just that stage in
+ the index.
+ *fugitive-:Gdiff*
+:Gdiff [revision] Perform a |vimdiff| against the current file in the
+ given revision. With no argument, the version in the
+ index is used (which means a three-way diff during a
+ merge conflict, making it a git-mergetool
+ alternative). The newer of the two files is placed
+ to the right. Use |do| and |dp| and write to the
+ index file to simulate "git add --patch".
+ *fugitive-:Gmove*
+:Gmove {destination} Wrapper around git-mv that renames the buffer
+ afterward. The destination is relative to the current
+ directory except when started with a /, in which case
+ it is relative to the work tree. Add a ! to pass -f.
+ *fugitive-:Gremove*
+:Gremove Wrapper around git-rm that deletes the buffer
+ afterward. When invoked in an index file, --cached is
+ passed. Add a ! to pass -f and forcefully discard the
+ buffer.
+ *fugitive-:Gblame*
+:Gblame Run git-blame on the file and open the results in a
+ scroll bound vertical split. Press enter on a line to
+ reblame the file as it was in that commit.
+:[range]Gblame Run git-blame on the given range.
+MAPPINGS *fugitive-mappings*
+These maps are available in Git objects.
+ *fugitive-<CR>*
+<CR> Jump to the revision under the cursor.
+ *fugitive-o*
+o Jump to the revision under the cursor in a new split.
+ *fugitive-O*
+O Jump to the revision under the cursor in a new tab.
+ *fugitive-~*
+~ Go to the current file in the [count]th first
+ ancestor.
+ *fugitive-P*
+P Go to the current file in the [count]th parent.
+ *fugitive-C*
+C Go to the commit containing the current file.
+ *fugitive-a*
+a Show the current tag, commit, or tree in an alternate
+ format.
+SPECIFYING REVISIONS *fugitive-revision*
+Fugitive revisions are similar to Git revisions as defined in the "SPECIFYING
+REVISIONS" section in the git-rev-parse man page. For commands that accept an
+optional revision, the default is the file in the index for work tree files
+and the work tree file for everything else. Example revisions follow.
+Revision Meaning ~
+master .git/refs/heads/master
+HEAD^{} The commit referenced by HEAD
+HEAD^ The parent of the commit referenced by HEAD
+HEAD: The tree referenced by HEAD
+/HEAD The file named HEAD in the work tree
+Makefile The file named Makefile in the work tree
+HEAD^:Makefile The file named Makefile in the parent of HEAD
+:Makefile The file named Makefile in the index (writable)
+- The current file in HEAD
+^ The current file in the previous commit
+~3 The current file 3 commits ago
+: .git/index (Same as |:Gstatus|)
+:0 The current file in the index
+:1 The current file's common ancestor during a conflict
+:2 The current file in the target branch during a conflict
+:3 The current file in the merged branch during a conflict
+:/foo The most recent commit with "foo" in the message
+STATUSLINE *fugitive-statusline*
+ *fugitive#statusline()*
+Add %{fugitive#statusline()} to your statusline to get an indicator including
+the current branch and the currently edited file's commit. If you don't have
+a statusline, this one matches the default when 'ruler' is set:
+ set statusline=%<%f\ %h%m%r%{fugitive#statusline()}%=%-14.(%l,%c%V%)\ %P
+ABOUT *fugitive-about*
+Grab the latest version or report a bug on GitHub:
+ vim:tw=78:et:ft=help:norl:
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