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A very simple rich text editor (RTE) in jQuery and Disco
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syn·co·pate (sĭng'kə-pāt', sĭn'-)

tr.v., -pat·ed, -pat·ing, -pates.

  1. Grammar. To shorten (a word) by syncope.
  2. Music. To modify (rhythm) by syncopation.
  3. Web Development.
    • To synchronize a textarea with a basic "rich text editor", using very little code.
    • A response to my (i.e., Corey Innis) Pivotal Labs "blab"

[Late Latin syncopāre, syncopāt-, from syncopē, syncope. See syncope.]

(shake, shake, shake) shake your booty

Hey, you wanna get down tonight? Check out:

  • example/index.html; that's the way (i like it)
  • the screw unit spec suite in spec/suite.html; stayin' alive

you should be dancing

For your own site,

  • copy and reference:
    • lib/jquery.js
    • lib/disco.js
    • lib/sycopate.js
  • get your groove on:

      // 'commands' is an array of arrays, grouping editor commands.
      // check out
      commands : [
        ['bold', 'italic', 'underline'],
        ['indent', 'outdent']

reach out (i'll be there)

Found an issue? Let us know (in GitHub's issue tracker)!

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