Evolving a legacy ASP.NET application to the modern ASP.NET stack
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This repository is going to be used as the starting point for an upcoming video series on software remodeling. Once some of the videos are ready, they'll be linked to from here. In the meantime, you can follow the Corgibytes blog to learn about other things that we're working on. If you're hungry for content right now, check out the references listed for our talk on Software Remodeling and also listen to some episodes of the Legacy Code Rocks podcast.


This is a fork of the work done by Simon Timms and Dave Paquette to improve the the original BugTracker.NET to a newer version of ASP.NET. The series of blog posts that they created as part of that effort have been archived in the docs/previous-improvement-effort. Many thanks are due to both of them for agreeing to their work being used as a starting point. Please pick up a copy of their book Evolving ASP.net Applications as a way of saying thanks. It was also based on the work that they did here.

And thanks also go out to Corey Trager for giving Simon and David permission to use BugTracker.NET for their project.

NOTE: This fork is not intended to replace the original BugTracker.NET. The purpose of this repository is to be used as a starting point for a video series which explores the art of software remodeling.

The version of BugTracker.NET on Source Forge is more fully featured and actively supported. It's do not recommend that this version of BugTracker.NET is used in a production environment.