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Corina Gheorghe

Skills | Projects | Makers | Education | Experience | Contact

London based full-stack junior web developer, passionate about learning new technologies, best coding practices and building useful and fun apps.

In a previous life as a Project Manager in Market Research (coordinating several international teams, both technical and non-technical), I realized that working with the software development team was the most interesting and fun part of the job. I loved to see how they took an idea and transformed it into an working product. I decided this is what I want to do next in my career, so I joined Makers Academy.

I want to learn how to build new and interesting things that people love to use.


  • Technologies: In my time at Makers Academy I learned how to work with Ruby, PostgreSQL, Sinatra, Rails, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Canvas.

  • Fast learner: It took me less than a week to learn the basics of JavaScript at Makers. By the end of the week I was able to independently create the News Summary App, written in vanilla JavaScript and incorporating communication with 2 APIs, The Guardian API and Aylien API.

  • Efficient communication: As a Project Manager at acturus I interacted with multiple international vendors, client service teams, sales teams, internal and external engineering teams as well as upper management, so I can communicate efficiently with teams from various backgrounds.

  • Perform well under pressure: when workload increased by 30% due to layoffs in my previous company, I adapted to manage expectations for all involved in the project and I spent time streamlining and making old processes more efficient. For example, by improving the way I sent daily specifications to panel vendors I gained almost 1 hour / day.

  • Good collaborator: I know that communication and a positive attitude are critical when working in a team and I try to be a driving force for both.

  • Dual perspective: From my previous role I know the importance of maintaining a budget and a timeline but now I can also estimate the complexity of the technical challenges.

Projects & Code

Project Description Technologies Used Testing Technologies
Percepticon API Send an article headline found on the Internet and THE PERCEPTICON will tell you if it's good or bad journalism. We built Perceptron, a gem, for the ML algorithm and a front-end page. HTML/CSS/JS, jQuery, Firebase, Ruby Rspec
News Summary App An app that shows the latest headlines in UK and a summary of each headline when you click on it. JavaScript + APIs Framework developed using vanilla JavaScript
Instagram clone Instagram is a web app where users can add images, see images posted by other people and comment on them. Ruby on Rails, Devise, PostgreSQL Rspec, Capybara
Rock Paper Scissors A Rock Paper Scissors app with a story Ruby, Sinatra Rspec, Capybara
Chitter A simpler Twitter Ruby, Sinatra Rspec, Capybara

Makers Academy (June to August 2017)

The Makers way:

  • Learn to learn is the motto of the Makers experience and I learned to learn autonomously and progress independently.
  • Pair programming is a key part of Makers Academy experience. By pair programming I improved my communication skills regarding code and I have a better appreciation of someone else's ideas and knowledge.
  • Learning to collaborate is as important as learning to code. As part of the agile training we learned to deliver to tight deadlines, resolve conflicts, and efficiently communicate with each other.
  • The focus on TDD, OOD and MVC helped engrain best coding practices into me.


Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest ( October 2005 to July 2009)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Majored in Marketing
APMG Agile PM Foundation


actûrus (July 2013 to July 2016) Senior Project Manager

I was responsible for delivering a multi-country, large budget project in the alcohol industry.

I wore many hats, some more fun than others: keeping all project stakeholders up to date with how things are going, managing expectations both internal and external, operating as first point of contact for project related troubleshooting, as well as planning the roadmap and managing available resources (money, equipment, teams, etc.).

I was constantly doing QA on the deliverables and my attention to detail payed off several times, but one case in particular I'm most proud of: in a Japanese survey, one question didn't seem right. I don't speak Japanese and the survey was matching the specification, but it felt different from the other surveys I've done in Japanese. After running the text through Google Translate I realized that the spec had an error: two answer options were the same, one of them slightly rephrased. This error could have meant re-doing part of the work, added cost and delayed delivery.

I often took on tasks outside my role, from participating in proposal writing to helping with quality assurance process while setting up a new reporting platform.

Ipsos Interactive Services (May 2009 – September 2012) Senior Project Manager

I was responsible with managing online conducted research studies according to company and field standards.

Day to day activities included preparing documentation for online projects, monitoring the evolution of data gathering, checking for inconsistencies, suggesting ways to improve timing and quality, collaborating with external providers, and finally providing the clients with accurate reports and data.

I also spent 3 months in the London office where I provided training and support for the team there. This helped cross-team collaboration and communication.

Aside from the usual tasks, I also coached new members of the team.

Ipsos Interactive Services (October 2007 – April 2009) Data Analyst

I was responsible with performing day-to-day data processing tasks and independently handling projects to provide quality outputs for analysis and reports, according to project specifications and data processing standards. Daily work included SPSS, ASCII databases and Sherpa files


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