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News Summary


News Summary is an app that shows the latest headlines in UK and a summary of each headline when you click on the title of an article.

User stories:

As a busy politician
I can see all of today's headlines in one place
So I know what the big stories of the day are
As a busy politician
I can click a link to see the original news article
So that I can get an in depth understanding of a very important story
As a busy politician
I can see a summary of a news article
So I can get a few more details about an important story

Built with

Built using only VanillaJS. Uses Makers News Summary API to access Guardian API for headlines and Aylien API for content summary.


Clone or fork this repo and run npm install to be able to access an http-server.

Extra functionality to be added

  • Visible title above the content of an individual article.
  • Adding images in headlines and article content.
  • Mobile style added.
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