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Front-end for the Percepticon API
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Percepticon Front-end

Type in or paste an article headline found on the Internet and THE PERCEPTICON will tell you if it's good or bad journalism!

Live Demo

Check out the API powering this

This was created as part of the final project at Makers Academy. It is a sample implementation of a (pre-taught) Perceptron algorithm that's accessible using a HTTP GET request.

Other components of the final project:

Tech used in this project:

  • HTML/CSS/JS (the three musketeers)
  • jQuery
  • Firebase


  1. Clone this repo by running git clone
  2. Open up public/index.html in your favourite browser.


  1. Type or paste a headline into the #headline-input text field and hit the Rate button. An AJAX request will be sent to the API and you'll get a notification with the Perceptron's opinion of your headline.


Created by Team Vectorspace:

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