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Table of Contents

Click the article title to be taken directly to that page. The .Rmd file is a version-tracked reproducible manuscript

* = undergraduate co-author, ^ = this article underwent pre- and post-study peer review


Articles in review: passed pre-study peer review & currently in post-study peer review

Undergraduate senior thesis

Preregistrations / registered reports: passed pre-study peer review & now collecting data

  1. McCune KB, MacPherson M, Rowney C, Bergeron L, Folsom M, Deffner D, Logan CJ. 2019. Is behavioral flexibility linked with exploration, but not boldness, persistence, or motor diversity? ( In principle acceptance by PCI Ecology of the version on 27 Mar 2019 Pre-study peer review history.

  2. Logan CJ, Lukas D, LeGrande-Rolls C, Bergeron L, Folsom M, Marfori Z, McCune KB. 2019. Is behavioral flexibility related to foraging and social behavior in a rapidly expanding species? ( In principle acceptance by PCI Ecology of the version on 6 Aug 2019 Pre-study peer review history.


(Note: preregistrations A-C were reviewed as part of the causal cognition preregistration peer review by Reviewer 1)

Preregistrations are study plans that are written before the data are collected (or before analyzing the data when using data that already exist). We get them peer reviewed before we conduct the study to ensure that we get the most out of the resources we invest by correcting any issues before they arise. Additionally, once a preregistration has passed pre-study peer review, it is almost guaranteed to be published upon a quick post-study peer review, which checks to make sure we did what we said we were going to do and if there were any deviations, that these deviations maintain the scientific validity of the work.

Note: full references are listed in MyLibrary.bib

Open Materials

How to increase safety when using the bownet trapping method

  • Bownet deployment protocol
  • Bownet training checklist
  • Bownet training tracking data sheet
  • Poster presented by Luisa Bergeron at the American Ornithological Society meeting in June 2019 in Alaska

Citation: Bergeron L & Logan CJ. 2019. Modifications to the bownet trapping method to increase safety for medium-sized, agile birds. American Ornithological Society Meeting, Alaska.

The Grackle Project

Many experiments will be conducted over the next several years and I post the reproducible manuscripts (.Rmd files including text and code) here. Each investigation (a group of hypotheses) has one .Rmd file that goes through different versions. It starts off as a PREREGISTRATION where I list the hypotheses, predictions, methods, and analysis plan BEFORE any data are collected. In most cases, the preregistration will undergo pre-study peer review at PCI Ecology, then the study will be conducted, and the resulting articles will undergo post-study peer review at PCI Ecology.

The version is noted in the Commit comment, and the different versions can be seen in the History of the file of interest. Following the version history of ONE file allows one to track how this piece of work has changed through the entire investigation.

5-year Project Overview

The same individuals will experience the experiments listed in each column (i.e., the same ~32 individuals in the left column (Years 1 and 2) will experience numbers 1-5 and A-D, and the same ~32 individuals in the right column (Years 3-5) will experience I-IV, plus number 5 and A-D). Year 1 started in September 2018.


CC-BY-SA 4.0: share alike and attribute the original source using the citations above