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most made by 7zip, linux ZIP or Mac, InfoZip, WinRar

  • standard (Deflate)
  • directory


  • - just EoCD, no files (it's valid, just empty)
  • - (used for the original poster) non standard, minimized (no name in Local File Header)


  • high precision time
  • NT ACLs
  • unicode name as extra field
  • unicode name directly as file name
  • volume comment
  • file comment
  •, volume spanning archive
  • Unix version
  • with Data Descriptor
  • Zip64
  • the old DOS way to store the drive where files are stored
  • with 2 files of the same name, cf CVE-2013-4787


  • old zip crypto (PkZip 2.0)
  • AES-256 crypto

compression (old):

  • storage (no compression)
  • shrunk
  • implode
  • implodeV3 compression (new):
  • Deflate64
  • bzip2
  • LZMA
  • PPMd
  • - super compressed with Zopfli (via advzip from AdvanceComp)


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