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An experimental file formats playground
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SBuD is an experimental playground related to file formats parsing and visualization.

It's merely a suggestion at this stage - its design and code could change at any time (it's at least its 3rd iteration). Don't expect a working tool yet.

SBuD is made of 2 types of components, Dis and Dat, which can work together but are not required to each other.

Dis (-sector/sassembler)

Parses input files to:

  • generate JSON for visual representation via Dat.
 "fileName": "rgb.png", 
 "length": 78, 
 "struc": {
  "name": "Type:PNG", 
  "offset": 0, 
  "subEls": [
    "ASCII": true, 
    "name": "signature", 
    "offset": 0, 
    "size": 8, 
    "type": "magic", 
    "value": "\\x89PNG\\r\\n\\x1a\\n"
  • generate Assembly source to rebuild the file via Nasm/Yasm.
db `\x89PNG\r\n\x1a\n`                            ; signature                    ;0000: 89 50 ..... 1a 0a (+8)

chunk1:                                           ; chunk1 { //Image Header
 ddbe 13                                          ;  length                      ;0008: 00 00 00 0d (+4)
;ddbe (chunk1.crc32 -

.type db `IHDR`                                   ;  type                        ;000c: 49 48 44 52 (+4)

.data:                                            ; Data {
  incbin 'rgb.png', 0x10, 0xd                                                    ;0010: 00 00 ..... 00 00 (+13)
  ;}                                              ;   } //Data

.crc32 ddbe 0x948283e3                            ;  crc-32                      ;001d: 94 82 83 e3 (+4)
 ;> chunk1.crc32=CRC32(chunk1.type,chunk1.crc32)
;}                                                ; } //chunk


Dat(-a visualizer)

Exists in 2 flavors:

  • DatPy exports to ANSI text, which can then be converted to HTML (to paste in web forms), RTF (to paste in Office Files) or TeX via tools like AnsiFilter

light in narrow mode

dark in wide mode

  • DatJS is relying on Albert to render SVG in the browser. It can be converted to PDF.

light Ansi theme

Shades of Purple theme

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