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#!/usr/bin/env newlisp
(load (string (env {HOME}) {/projects/programming/newlisp-projects/newlisp-parser.lsp}))
(define (test test-name original (display? nil))
(letn ((parsed (Nlex:parse-newlisp original))
(new-original (Nlex:nlx-to-plaintext parsed)))
(set 'parsed-original (parse original) 'parsed-new-original (parse new-original))
(if-not (and (empty? (difference parsed-original parsed-new-original))
(empty? (difference parsed-new-original parsed-original )))
(format "test %-40s failed: in old: \t %-60s" test-name
(string (difference (parse original) (parse new-original)))))
(format "test %-40s failed: in new: \t %-60s" test-name
(string (difference (parse new-original) (parse original))))))
(println (format "test %-40s passed" test-name)))
(set 'original-lines (parse original "\n") 'new-original-lines (parse new-original "\n"))
(if display? (dolist (line original-lines)
(print (format "\t%-60s \t %-60s \n" line (new-original-lines $idx) ))))))
; numbers
(test {integers } {(map + 1 2 3 123 -1212312312 -13 -14 0 3 6 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 11 16)})
(test {floats } {(map add 1.2 -1.42 56. )})
(test {scientific } {123 0xE8 123e2 -1.3e-12 1.23 123e-3 45 1.23e4 42 1.123e-54} 'display)
; bracketed
(test {[text] brackets } {[text](+ 1 1)[/text]})
(test {[cmd] brackets } {[cmd](+ 1 1)[/cmd]})
(test {[CMD] brackets should fail } {[CMD](+ 1 1)[/CMD]})
(test {both brackets } {[text][cmd](+ 1 1)[/cmd][/text]})
(test {weird bracketed symbols } [text]myvar A-name [blah] X34-zz [* 7 5 ()};] *111*[/text] 'display)
; strings
(test {strings braced} [text]{this is a braced string}[/text])
(test {strings brackets} {[text]this is a bracketed string[/text]})
(test {nested braces} [text]{this is {nested} braced string}[/text])
; unicode
(test {unicode } {{\unnnn} (utf8len "我能吞下玻璃而不伤身体。")} 'display)
; biggish file
(test {markdown } (read-file (string (env {HOME}) {/projects/programming/newlisp-projects/markdown.lsp})))
(test {the tokenizer file} (read-file (string (env {HOME}) {/projects/programming/newlisp-projects/newlisp-parser.lsp})))
;(test {qa} (read-file (string (env {HOME}) {/projects/programming/newlisp/newlisp-10.3.2/qa-specific-tests/qa-bench})))
(println "\n" {all tests completed})
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