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#!/usr/bin/env newlisp
;; @module find-duplicate-files
;; @author
;; @version 0.0.5 2009-12-03 17:26:24
;; This newLISP finds duplicate files. MacOS-specific but could probably
;; be adapted. It ignores filenames, instead testing sizes and MacOS resource forks.
;; Options: move to a duplicates folder, add comment to spotlight, set finder label
;; Usage: find-duplicate-files.lsp [folder1 folder2 ...] [-usage] [-move] [-move-dummy] [-spotlight] [-label]
;; doesn't follow Finder aliases either... :(
;; Good for 50000 files and possibly more.
(define (set-spotlight-comment file comment)
;; @syntax (set-spotlight-comment file comment)
;; @param file pathname of file
;; @param comment text to assign to file
;; Set the comment field of a file so that Spotlight can find it. (MacOS X only)
(exec (format [text]osascript -e 'set pf to POSIX file "%s" ' -e 'tell application "Finder" to set comment of pf to "%s" ' [/text] file comment)))
(define (set-finder-label file (color 0))
;; @syntax (set-finder-label <file> <int-label-index>)
;; @param <file> pathname of file
;; @param <int-label-index> label index (colour)
;; Set the Finder label of a file. (MacOS X only)
(let (colors '(nil orange red yellow blue purple green gray))
(set 'color (find color colors))
(exec (format [text]osascript -e 'tell application "Finder" to set label index of alias POSIX file "%s" to %d'[/text] file color))))
(define (walk-tree dir)
;; @syntax (walk-tree <dir>)
;; @param <dir> a directory to walk
;; Recursively examine folder and built a list of the
;; files, their sizes, and their resource fork sizes too.
(if (set 'folder (directory dir {^[^.]}))
(dolist (nde folder)
(if (directory? (append dir "/" nde))
(walk-tree (real-path (append dir "/" nde)))
(do-file (append dir "/" nde))))))
(define (do-file item)
;; @syntax (do-file <item>)
;; @param <item> a file
;; Process a file. Checks it then adds it to a list for comparison.
(not (starts-with item ".")) ; skip hidden files
(set 'path-name (real-path item))
(file-info path-name) ; skip symlinks...
(set 'dataforksize (first (file-info path-name)))
(if (file? (format {%s/..namedfork/rsrc} path-name ))
; add resource fork size if one exists at /..namedfork/rsrc
(set 'resourceforksize (first (file-info (format {%s/..namedfork/rsrc} path-name ))))
(set 'resourceforksize 0))
; put composite file size and file name into dupe-list
(push (cons (+ dataforksize resourceforksize ) path-name ) dupe-list -1 )))
(set 'blank (curry dup " "))
; start
(if (find "-usage" (main-args))
(println [text]
Usage: find-duplicate-files.lsp [folder1 folder2 ...] [-usage] [-move] [-move-dummy] [-spotlight] [-label]
Find duplicate files in the specified folders ... or in the current folder and subfolders.
-move moves one of the duplicates to a folder 'duplicates' in the current folder
-move-dummy pretends to move - you can see what might happen...
-spotlight puts the word 'duplicate' in the comments field of the file
-label sets the Finder label to red
[/text] (exit)))
(if (find "-move" (main-args)) (set 'move true) (set 'move nil))
(if (find "-label" (main-args)) (set 'label true) (set 'label nil))
(if (find "-move-dummy" (main-args)) (set 'move-dummy true) (set 'move-dummy nil))
(if (find "-spotlight" (main-args)) (set 'spotlight true) (set 'spotlight nil))
; drop first argument (newlisp) and remove options
(set 'file-args (rest (clean (fn (arg) (starts-with arg "-")) (main-args))))
(if (> (length file-args) 1)
(dolist (folder (rest file-args))
(println "... gathering files in folder " (real-path folder) "\n")
(walk-tree folder)))
(println "... gathering files in current folder " (real-path) "\n")
(walk-tree (real-path))))
(println "... sorting " (length dupe-list) " items\n")
(if-not dupe-list (exit))
(set 'dupe-list (sort dupe-list )) ; sort by size - very important!
(println "... duplicates are: \n")
; see if two adjacent items have the same size
; this is a kludge to avoid an error
; If we start with item 1, we have no 'previous' pair for comparison
; I'd really like to start at item 2...
(set 'previous (last dupe-list))
(set 'dupe-counter 0)
(dolist (current dupe-list)
(if (= (first current) (first previous)) ; current same size as previous?
; same size, compare md5 checksums
; hack to fix single quotes in file names
; escape single quotes and then use $' ' in bash (ANSI-C Quoting)
(set 'current-file-name (last current))
(set 'previous-file-name (last previous))
(replace "'" current-file-name "\\'")
(replace "'" previous-file-name "\\'")
(set 'current-dataforkmd5
(exec (format {md5 -q $'%s'} current-file-name)))
(set 'current-resourceforkmd5
(exec (format {md5 -q $'%s/..namedfork/rsrc'} current-file-name)))
(set 'previous-dataforkmd5
(exec (format {md5 -q $'%s'} previous-file-name)))
(set 'previous-resourceforkmd5
(exec (format {md5 -q $'%s/..namedfork/rsrc'} previous-file-name)))
(> (+ (first current) (first previous) 0)) ; not 0
(= current-dataforkmd5 previous-dataforkmd5 )
(= current-resourceforkmd5 previous-resourceforkmd5)
; yay, it's a duplicate
(inc dupe-counter)
(println (format " %12d %s" (first previous) previous-file-name))
(println (format " = %12d %s\n" (first current) current-file-name))
; do we want to set the spotlight comments?
(if spotlight
(set-spotlight-comment current-file-name (string "duplicate " previous-file-name))
true) ; continue the 'and' if we didn't do comments
; or we can set Finder colors...?
(if label
(set-finder-label (last current) 'red)
(println (blank 10) {labelled!}))
; if we're moving or pretending to move
(if (or move move-dummy)
(set 'parent
(join (reverse (rest
(reverse (parse (real-path (last current)) {/}))) ) "/"))
(set 'path (string (last (parse (real-path (last current)) {/}))))
(if (not move-dummy)
(set 'rename-result (rename-file
(string parent "/" path) ; old name
; (string parent {/} (string {dup} path)) ; rename with 'dup' in front?
(string {duplicates/} path)))) ; or move. This folder must exist...
(if move-dummy
(blank 10) {You would have tried to rename } "\n"
(blank 10) (string parent "/" path) "\n"
(blank 10) { to } (string {duplicates/} path)))
(blank 10)
(if rename-result
{You succeeded in renaming }
{You didn't rename })
(blank 10) (string parent "/" path) "\n"
(blank 10) { to } (string {duplicates/} path) "\n"))
; remember this one for the next comparison
(set 'previous current)))
(println dupe-counter { duplicates found})
(println "... finished")
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