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; File: plugins-active/blog.lsp
; this is the main routing file for the blog
; was used by
; incoming routing requests are matched against the database (uses nldb not sqlite) and
; sets actions accordingly
; I hope Greg or Marc don't see this code - I bet I'm doing it all wrong :)
(new Route 'Route.Blog)
(context Route.Blog)
(define (matches?)
(set 'request (clean empty? (parse QUERY_STRING "?")))
; load my nldb database of blog posts
(Dragonfly:load-database "blog.nldb")
((empty? request)
; nldb:select-rows table selection column-list sort-column sort-function
; select all rows, all columns, most recent row first
(set 'query (nldb:select-rows 'nldb:stories true true 'nldb:story-date >))
(set 'action 'latest))
((= "welcome" (first request))
(set 'query (nldb:select-rows 'nldb:stories true true 'nldb:story-date >))
(set 'action 'latest))
((= "random" (first request))
(seed (date-value))
(set 'action 'random-post)
; choose row at random
(set 'query (list (apply amb (nldb:select-rows 'nldb:stories true)))))
((= "search" (first request))
(set 'search-request ($POST "inputstring"))
(set 'action 'search-action))
((= "twitter-search" (first request))
(set 'twitter-search-request ($POST "inputstring"))
(set 'action 'twitter-search-action))
((= "lambdalator" (first request))
(set 'action 'lambdalator-action))
((= "aboutthissite" (first request))
(set 'action 'a-story)
; find the 'about' post
(set 'query (nldb:select-rows 'nldb:stories '(= nldb:story-id {aboutthissite}))))
((= "links" (first request))
(set 'action 'links))
((set 'query (nldb:select-rows 'nldb:stories '(= nldb:story-id (first request))))
(set 'action 'a-story))
((starts-with (first request) "downloads/")
(set 'f (first request))
(set 'action 'pass-through))
; all other possibilities, pass on to next
(true nil)))
(define (run)
((= action 'links)
(DF:display-view "links"))
((= action 'search-action)
(DF:display-view "search"))
((= action 'lambdalator-action)
;(DF:display-view "lambdalator")
(DF:include "../lambdalator/index.cgi")
((= action 'pass-through)
(DF:include f))
((= action 'twitter-search-action)
(DF:display-view "twitter"))
((= action 'latest)
; choose the most recent 3 rows
(set 'stories (0 3 query))
(DF:display-view "recent"))
(set 'story (first query))
(DF:display-view "welcome"))))
(define (present-story story)
; given a post in story, output it as HTML
(print {<h1>} (story 2) {</h1>})
(println {<small><a class="info" href="#">}
(story 0)
(date (parse-date (story 0) {%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%SZ}) 0 {%A %d %B, %X})
(print (render (last story))))
(define (render t)
(replace {-{3}(.*?)-{3}}
t (if (catch
(eval-string $1) 'result)
(string result)
(string {---} t {---}))
(define (pie-chart
(chs "400x200") ; size
(chd "t:60,40") ; date percentages
(cht "p3") ; type
(chl "Hello|World") ;
(chalt "Sample Google Chart") ;
(format {<img src=";chd=%s&amp;cht=%s&amp;chl=%s" alt="%s" />} chs chd cht chl chalt))
; to include pie charts in blog pages, use this:
; <p>-- -(Route.Blog:pie-chart "600x200" "t:19.46,71.74,2.58,6.19" "p3" "comments 165384 |stories 609457|newLISP code 21981|Javascript 52618") -- -</p> all on one line ?!?!?!??!
; add the route to the list of routes
(push (Route.Blog) DF:dragonfly-routes)