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#!/usr/bin/env newlisp
;; @module Twitter-graph search plugin for Dragonfly
;; @author cormullion
; !Loading plugin into Dragonfly context
(context 'Twitter-graph)
; graphing utility functions (warning: dynamic scoping ahead!)
(define (out str)
; shortcut for sending html to buffer
(write-buffer html str))
(define (scale x)
; quick scaling of numbers
(int (mul x (div graph-width how-many-days))))
(define (line-to x y)
(out (format "a_context.lineTo(%d, %d);\n" x y)))
(define (move-to x y)
(out (format "a_context.moveTo(%d, %d);\n" x y)))
(define (text-at str x y)
(out (format {a_context.fillText("%s", %d, %d);} str x y)))
(define (twitter-graph data search-string)
; main function: data is a list of unix times of tweets
; search string is the string searched for - we want that cos we're cacheing newLISP tweets
(let ((html {})
(graph-width 500)
(graph-height 120)
(nl "\n")
(lt (char 60)) ; avoids angle brackets ...
(gt (char 62))
(data-values '())
(start 0)
(end 0)
(start-of-day 0)
(zero-data-values '())
(how-many-days 0)
(canvas-coords '()))
; if this is a newLISP search, then we want to use data from the cache
; save values and reload from cache
((and (= search-string "newlisp" )
(file? "databases/tweet-cache.lsp"))
(load "databases/tweet-cache.lsp")
(set 'data-values (unique (append data-values data))))
(set 'data-values data)))
; data-values is list of int-seconds values for each tweet
; needs sorting again?
(sort data-values)
; start it off
(out (format (string lt {canvas id="%s" width="%d" height="%d"} gt lt {/canvas} gt) "a" (+ 15 graph-width) graph-height))
(out (string lt {script type="text/javascript" language="javascript" charset="utf-8"} gt nl {var a_canvas = document.getElementById("a");} nl {var a_context = a_canvas.getContext("2d");} nl {a_context.font = "bold 10px sans-serif";} nl {a_canvas.background = "#000";} nl))
; first value probably starts sometime during the day
; so find the offset of the first event from midnight
(set 'start (Time (first data-values)) 'end (Time (last data-values)))
; get int-seconds of start of first day
(set 'start-of-day (:unix-time (:midnight start)))
; convert values so that they start at 0
(set 'zero-data-values (map (fn (x) (- x start-of-day)) data-values))
; how many days are we doing?
(set 'how-many-days (+ (ceil (float (:show (Duration (:period start end))))) 1))
; canvas coordinates are basically the seconds from the start,
; scaled by total width of graph (number of days)
(set 'canvas-coords (map (fn (n) (div (mul graph-width (div n 86400)) how-many-days)) zero-data-values))
; graph parameters
(set 'day-width (div graph-width how-many-days)
'top-data-line-y 5
'bottom-data-line-y 64
'top-day-marker-y 65
'bottom-day-marker-y 80
'top-6hour-marker-y 65
'bottom-6hour-marker-y 70
'day-number-text-y 90
; we move month names up and down to prevent overlap
'month-offsets '(120 110 100))
; draw the data lines
(dolist (x canvas-coords)
(move-to x top-data-line-y)
(line-to x bottom-data-line-y))
; style and stroke the data lines
(out (string {a_context.lineWidth = "0.7";} nl {a_context.strokeStyle = "#f00";} nl {a_context.stroke();} nl ))
; draw the dividers numbers etc.
(out (string {a_context.beginPath();} nl))
(for (d 0 how-many-days 0.25) ; something every 6 hours
; which day is this?
(set 'day (:day (:shift (copy (:midnight start)) d "days")))
((and (= day 1) (= d (round d)))
; first day of month
; draw divider
(move-to (scale d) top-day-marker-y)
(line-to (scale d) bottom-day-marker-y)
; draw new month name
; move months up and down so that they don't overlap
(text-at (:month-name (:shift (copy (:midnight start)) d "days")) (scale d) (first (rotate month-offsets)))
; draw day-number if scale not too small
(if (> day-width 5) (text-at (string day) (scale d) day-number-text-y)))
((= d (round d))
; draw divider
(move-to (scale d) top-day-marker-y)
(line-to (scale d) bottom-day-marker-y)
; for most days, draw day dividers if the scale's not too small
(if (> day-width 5) (text-at (string day) (scale d) day-number-text-y)))
((> day-width 30)
; draw 6 hour markers if scale permits
(move-to (scale d) top-6hour-marker-y)
(line-to (scale d) bottom-6hour-marker-y))))
;style and stroke dividers etc
(out (string {a_context.lineWidth = "0.7";} {a_context.strokeStyle = "#000";} nl {a_context.stroke();} nl ))
; always draw first month name (this will be a problem only when the first data point is on the first of the month)
(out (format {a_context.fillText("%s", 1 , %d);} (:month-name start) (first (rotate month-offsets))))
; finish
(out (string lt {/script} gt))
(println html)
; don't forget to save for next time
(if (= search-string "newlisp") (save "databases/tweet-cache.lsp" 'data-values))
(context MAIN)
; eof