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Mycroft - profiling newLISP scripts

Mycroft was my entry in the Christmas 2008 newLISP programming competition. I was the only entrant. I think I won an imaginary T shirt.

It's a newLISP profiler - you can use Mycroft to profile the performance of a single newLISP script. It changes the definition of the define command to add profiling information. Obviously this change the actual speed of the script, but it will give you some idea of which functions are called a lot, and the proportion of the total execution time that different functions use.

Use at the command line:

newlisp mycroft.lsp file-to-profile


mycroft.lsp file-to-profile

if mycroft.lsp is executable. Your script should (exit) when it's finished, so that Mycroft can report.

Here's a typical report:

Mycroft report

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