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Google Pixelbook "eve" (Kaby Lake-Y, Coreboot): cleaning causes NVMe SSD to detach soon after boot #300

myfreeweb opened this issue Oct 5, 2019 · 1 comment


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@myfreeweb myfreeweb commented Oct 5, 2019

Here's the me_cleaner log
Full image detected
The ME/TXE region goes from 0x1000 to 0x200000
Found FPT header at 0x1010
Found 11 partition(s)
Found FTPR header: FTPR partition spans from 0x1000 to 0xa8000
Found FTPR manifest at 0x1448
ME/TXE firmware version
Public key match: Intel ME, firmware versions 11.x.x.x
The HAP bit is NOT SET
Reading partitions list...
 FTPR (0x00001000 - 0x0000a8000, 0x000a7000 total bytes): NOT removed
 FTUP (0x00110000 - 0x0001bc000, 0x000ac000 total bytes): removed
 DLMP (      no data here      , 0x00000000 total bytes): nothing to remove
 PSVN (0x00000e00 - 0x000001000, 0x00000200 total bytes): removed
 IVBP (0x0010c000 - 0x000110000, 0x00004000 total bytes): removed
 MFS  (0x000a8000 - 0x00010c000, 0x00064000 total bytes): removed
 NFTP (0x00110000 - 0x0001bc000, 0x000ac000 total bytes): removed
 ROMB (      no data here      , 0x00000000 total bytes): nothing to remove
 FLOG (0x001bc000 - 0x0001bd000, 0x00001000 total bytes): removed
 UTOK (0x001bd000 - 0x0001bf000, 0x00002000 total bytes): removed
 ISHC (      no data here      , 0x00000000 total bytes): nothing to remove
Removing partition entries in FPT...
Removing EFFS presence flag...
Correcting checksum (0x7e)...
Reading FTPR modules list...     (uncompressed, 0x001448 - 0x002018): NOT removed, partition manif.
 rbe.met      (uncompressed, 0x002018 - 0x0020ae): NOT removed, module metadata
 kernel.met   (uncompressed, 0x0020ae - 0x00213c): NOT removed, module metadata
 syslib.met   (uncompressed, 0x00213c - 0x0021a0): NOT removed, module metadata
 bup.met      (uncompressed, 0x0021a0 - 0x00274a): NOT removed, module metadata
 pm.met       (uncompressed, 0x00274a - 0x0027f8): NOT removed, module metadata
 vfs.met      (uncompressed, 0x0027f8 - 0x003158): NOT removed, module metadata
 evtdisp.met  (uncompressed, 0x003158 - 0x0032e6): NOT removed, module metadata
 loadmgr.met  (uncompressed, 0x0032e6 - 0x00340e): NOT removed, module metadata
 busdrv.met   (uncompressed, 0x00340e - 0x0037b6): NOT removed, module metadata
 gpio.met     (uncompressed, 0x0037b6 - 0x003900): NOT removed, module metadata
 prtc.met     (uncompressed, 0x003900 - 0x003ab0): NOT removed, module metadata
 policy.met   (uncompressed, 0x003ab0 - 0x003c74): NOT removed, module metadata
 crypto.met   (uncompressed, 0x003c74 - 0x003dfe): NOT removed, module metadata
 heci.met     (uncompressed, 0x003dfe - 0x003fca): NOT removed, module metadata
 storage.met  (uncompressed, 0x003fca - 0x0042c6): NOT removed, module metadata
 pmdrv.met    (uncompressed, 0x0042c6 - 0x0043ea): NOT removed, module metadata
 maestro.met  (uncompressed, 0x0043ea - 0x0044d4): NOT removed, module metadata
 fpf.met      (uncompressed, 0x0044d4 - 0x0045e0): NOT removed, module metadata
 hci.met      (uncompressed, 0x0045e0 - 0x0046e2): NOT removed, module metadata
 fwupdate.met (uncompressed, 0x0046e2 - 0x0047ec): NOT removed, module metadata
 ptt.met      (uncompressed, 0x0047ec - 0x0048f8): NOT removed, module metadata
 touch_fw.met (uncompressed, 0x0048f8 - 0x004a40): NOT removed, module metadata
 rbe          (Huffman     , 0x004a40 - 0x007100): NOT removed, essential
 kernel       (Huffman     , 0x007100 - 0x016d40): NOT removed, essential
 syslib       (Huffman     , 0x016d40 - 0x028bc0): NOT removed, essential
 bup          (Huffman     , 0x028bc0 - 0x051140): NOT removed, essential
 pm           (LZMA/uncomp., 0x051140 - 0x053740): removed
 vfs          (LZMA/uncomp., 0x053740 - 0x05b4c0): removed
 evtdisp      (LZMA/uncomp., 0x05b4c0 - 0x05cec0): removed
 loadmgr      (LZMA/uncomp., 0x05cec0 - 0x05fc40): removed
 busdrv       (LZMA/uncomp., 0x05fc40 - 0x061500): removed
 gpio         (LZMA/uncomp., 0x061500 - 0x062780): removed
 prtc         (LZMA/uncomp., 0x062780 - 0x063340): removed
 policy       (LZMA/uncomp., 0x063340 - 0x067f00): removed
 crypto       (LZMA/uncomp., 0x067f00 - 0x075ac0): removed
 heci         (LZMA/uncomp., 0x075ac0 - 0x0799c0): removed
 storage      (LZMA/uncomp., 0x0799c0 - 0x07dfc0): removed
 pmdrv        (LZMA/uncomp., 0x07dfc0 - 0x07f180): removed
 maestro      (LZMA/uncomp., 0x07f180 - 0x080f00): removed
 fpf          (LZMA/uncomp., 0x080f00 - 0x082900): removed
 hci          (LZMA/uncomp., 0x082900 - 0x0831c0): removed
 fwupdate     (LZMA/uncomp., 0x0831c0 - 0x087d80): removed
 ptt          (LZMA/uncomp., 0x087d80 - 0x09cf00): removed
 touch_fw     (LZMA/uncomp., 0x09cf00 - 0x0a8000): removed
The ME minimum size should be 352256 bytes (0x56000 bytes)
The ME region can be reduced up to:
 00001000:00056fff me
Checking the FTPR RSA signature... VALID
Done! Good luck!

With no arguments or with -S, i.e. when partitions are removed, a weird issue happens — some time after boot, the NVMe drive disappears/breaks. E.g. if I boot into OS, the drive times out and detaches. If I stay in UEFI for a long time (say on a disk encryption password prompt), I/O errors appear there too.

-s seems fine.

I just noticed that the help says

  -w whitelist, --whitelist whitelist
                        Comma separated list of additional partitions to keep
                        in the final image. This can be used to specify the
                        MFS partition for example, which stores PCIe and clock

I guess PCIe settings could be related…


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@myfreeweb myfreeweb commented Oct 5, 2019

-S -w MFS seems fine so far.

Hopefully this info helps the next person who sees problems with NVMe drives specifically..

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