me_cleaner status

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Current status of me_cleaner

Please let me know here if me_cleaner works on your device (even if it is already listed as working)

1.x-5.x WORKS *
Ibex Peak Nehalem/Westmere 6.0 Ignition WORKS
Ibex Peak Nehalem/Westmere 6.x 1.5/5 MB WORKS
Cougar Point Sandy Bridge 7.x 1.5/5 MB WORKS
Panther Point Ivy Bridge 8.x 1.5/5 MB WORKS
Lynx/Wildcat Point Haswell/Broadwell 9.x 1.5/5 MB WORKS
Wildcat Point LP Broadwell Mobile 10.0 1.5/5 MB WORKS
Sunrise Point Skylake/Kabylake 11.x CON/COR WORKS
Union Point Kabylake 11.x CON/COR WORKS
300-series Coffee Lake 11.x CON/COR UNTESTED

* Firmware fully removed

SoC TXE SKU Status
Bay Trail 1.x 1.25/1.375/3 MB UNTESTED
Braswell/Cherry Trail 2.x 1.375 MB WORKS

Currently me_cleaner works partially on platforms with Intel Boot Guard set in Verified (+ Measured) Boot. Read this to learn more about Intel Boot Guard and its implications about me_cleaner.

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