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A video player for React Native with controls
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React Native Video Player

A React Native video player with a few controls. This player uses react-native-video for the video playback.

demo gif


npm install --save react-native-video-player react-native-video react-native-vector-icons
react-native link react-native-video
react-native link react-native-vector-icons


Prop Description
video The video source to pass to react-native-video.
thumbnail An Image source to use as thumbnail before the video gets loaded.
endThumbnail An Image source to use as thumbnail after the video has ended.
videoWidth Width of the video to calculate the player size.
videoHeight Height of the video to calculate the player size.
duration Duration can not always be figured out (e.g. when using hls), this can be used as fallback.
autoplay Start the video automatically.
defaultMuted Start the video muted, but allow toggling.
muted Start the video muted and hide the mute toggle button.
controlsTimeout Timeout when to hide the controls.
disableControlsAutoHide Disable auto hiding the controls.
disableFullscreen Disable the fullscreen button.
loop Loop the video after playback is done.
resizeMode The video's resizeMode. defaults to contain and is passed to react-native-video.
hideControlsOnStart Hides the controls on start video.
endWithThumbnail Returns to the thumbnail after the video ends. If an endThumbnail image is not specified then the image specified in thumbnail is shown.
disableSeek Disable video seeking.
pauseOnPress Automatically pause/play when pressing the video player anywhere.
fullScreenOnLongPress Automatically show video on fullscreen when doing a long press.
onStart Callback for when the start button is pressed.
onPlayPress Callback for when the play button is pressed.
onHideControls Callback for when the controls are being hide.
onShowControls Callback for when the controls are being shown.
customStyles The player can be customized in this object, see customStyles for the options.

All other props are passed to the react-native-video component.


  • wrapper
  • video
  • controls
  • playControl
  • controlButton
  • controlIcon
  • playIcon
  • seekBar
  • seekBarFullWidth
  • seekBarProgress
  • seekBarKnob
  • seekBarBackground
  • thumbnail
  • playButton
  • playArrow
  • videoWrapper


Method Props Description
seek time: float Seek the player to the given time.
stop Stop the playback and reset back to 0:00.
pause Pause the playback.
resume Resume the playback.

Future features

  • Make seek bar seekable.
  • Make player customizable.
  • Add volume control
  • Add fullscreen button
    • Add fullscreen button for Android (See PR #38 if you need fullscreen in Android)
  • Add loader
  • Add video duration/play time
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