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Command line client for independent Qt library archive


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Inqlude - the Qt library archive

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Inqlude is a tool to handle Qt based libraries. It provides developers using Qt with an easy way to find, install, and use libraries, in particular 3rd party libraries. A public version of the library runs at

Inqlude comes as a Ruby gem, which can easily be installed, and provides a command line interface to handle Qt libraries in a similar way as Ruby gems. There are commands to list available libraries and installed libraries, and more.

Libraries are described by manifest files, which are maintained in a separate git repository. Inqlude integrates with this git repository and uses it as the list of available gems. One way to contribute information about libraries to the archive is to simply provide patches to the manifest repository. The repository can be found at

Inqlude also integrates with native package managers. If the meta information is available, the libraries are transparently handled by installing packages with the native tools.

There also is an option to generate an HTML overview of all available libraries. This can be hosted or used locally.

Generating the Inqlude website

The Inqlude website is automatically generated from the manifest data in the KDE git repository. The manifest repoitory on GitHub is a source for that to collect contributions.

To generate the website locally for development and testing just run inqlude view. This will create a directory with static HTML files you can view in your browser.

The site is generated from templates you find in the view/twocolumns directory in the git repository.

KDE Frameworks

The KDE Frameworks provide more than fifty libraries, which can be used to write Qt application. Inqlude has some special tooling to deal with the data from KDE Frameworks

To checkout all frameworks from source, you can use --component=frameworks --clone

from the kde-dev-scripts repository. This creates a frameworks directory with a checkout of all git repositories part of KDE Frameworks.

You can update the generic meta data of the frameworks in Inqlude with

inqlude create_kde_frameworks <frameworks-checkout-dir> <inqlude-data-dir>

To create release manifests for a KDE Frameworks release runs

inqlude release_kde_frameworks <release_date> <version>


Contributions in any form are welcome. See the contribution guidelines for more details.


Inqlude is licensed under the GPL.


If you have questions or comments, please contact Cornelius Schumacher or create an issue.