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"$schema": "",
"name": "attica",
"display_name": "Attica",
"release_date": "2016-09-10",
"version": "5.26.0",
"summary": "Open Collaboration Services API",
"topics": [
"urls": {
"homepage": "",
"download": "",
"vcs": "",
"mailing_list": ""
"licenses": [
"description": "\nAttica is a Qt library that implements the Open Collaboration Services API version 1.6.\nThe REST API is defined here:\n\n\nIt grants easy access to the services such as querying information about persons and contents.\nThe library is used in KNewStuff3 as content provider.\nIn order to integrate with KDE's Plasma Desktop, a platform plugin exists in kdebase.\n\n",
"authors": [
"The KDE Community"
"maturity": "stable",
"platforms": [
"packages": {
"source": ""
"group": "kde-frameworks"