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# This is a template for storing data of the governance model of an open source project.
# Fill out the fields and contribute it to
# to get it listed in the governance model map which is hosted there.
# The type of the fields is not strictly defined. Try to be as exact as you can, but feel free
# to resort to text if you don't have exact data. Add comments to provide additional context
# such as the source of the data.
# Sometimes there is no clear value for an attribute. Use the following convention to indicate
# why a value is missing:
# "?" - not checked yet
# none - the project specifically does not have this
# not applicable - this attribute is not applicable to this project
# Note that we make a difference between project and organization here. The project is the
# group and effort writing the code. The organization is the formal entity providing governance,
# legal, and financial support. This could be a non-profit organization or a company. Some
# projects don't even have a formal organization behind.
# The data of the organizations is entered in the `orgs` sub directory. There is an extra
# template file there.
# Refer to the comments in the template for an explanation of the fields.
# Version of the YAML schema used for this file. v1 is going to change without notice. Later versions will be kept stable.
"$schema": open-source-governance/v1#
# Display name of the open source project
project_name: "?"
# Main URL of the project
project_url: "?"
# Wikidata id of project. Search for it on
project_wikidata_id: "?"
# Date when the project was founded. Use an ISO date. If day or month is not know, leave it out.
project_founding_date: "?"
# Link to document defining the technical governance of the project
development_governance_url: "?"
# Number of current committers, i.e. people who have write access to the source code
number_committers: "?"
# Number of current contributors, i.e. people who have written code within the last 12 months
number_code_contributors: "?"
# Link to list of maintainers/committers
maintainers_list_url: "?"
# Link to page with contribution and other statistics
statistics_url: "?"
# Primary license used by the project. Use an SPDX identifier (
license: "?"
# Link to the licensing policy
licensing_policy_url: "?"
# Type of contribution agreement used or required by the project
contribution_agreement: "?"
# Link to the trademark policy
trademark_policy_url: "?"
# List of registered trademarks
registered_trademarks: "?"
# Owner of the trademarks
trademark_owner: "?"
# Link to the code of conduct
code_of_conduct_url: "?"
# Link to policy about resolving people conflicts
conflict_resolution_policy_url: "?"
# Key of organization. There must be a file in data/orgs/ with the name `<key>.yaml`
# If there is no organization put in "none"
organization: "?"
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