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Project Samwise v1.0

CircleCI License

Last updated 03/20/2019.



A web application designed to help Cornell students plan their semesters.

Getting Started

To run the webapp, go to the frontend folder and run yarn start. To build the frontend for deployment, run yarn build.

We use various tools to ensure the quality of our frontend code. They should be installed and properly configured with your IDE or text editor.


We disabled everyone's ability to directly commit to master branch to ensure code quality. To make changes to the code, you can create a new branch, have some changes in your branch, and create it a pull request with good changelog.

You are expected to follow the Style Guide in your contributed code.

Dependencies & Libraries


  • React - a Facebook library for frontend. We use it for frontend UI.
  • Redux - a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. We used it for state management.
  • React-Redux - a library for bindings between React and Redux.
  • Firebase - a serverless service for auth, database, etc. We used it for auth.
  • React FirebaseUI - a simple sign-in component library for firebase auth.
  • Semantic UI React - a library of pre-styled components in Semantic UI for React.
  • React Calendar - A calendar component for React.
  • React Color - a collection of React components for picking colors.
  • React Search Box - a search box component for React.
  • React Toastify - a library for emitting toasts in React.

To know about the specific versions of these dependencies, go to package.json.


Check our wiki folder to see a list of all documentations.



Since 2016

  • Alice Zhou - Product Manager
  • Justin Tran - Front-end Developer
  • Kevin Li - Back-end Developer/ Designer (2018)

Since 2017

  • Gautam Mekkat - Back-end Developer
  • Matthew Epstein - Product Manager
  • Vivian Shiu - Designer

Since 2018

  • Jessica Hong - Back-end Developer
  • Michael Xing - Front-end Developer
  • Michelle Park - Designer
  • Sam Zhou - Front-end Developer

Since 2019

  • Megan Yin - Front-end Developer
  • William Evans - Back-end Developer

We are a team within Cornell Design & Tech Initiative. For more information, see our website here.

Cornell DTI

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