YATES (Yet Another Traffic Engineering System)
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Yet Another Traffic Engineering System

YATES is a software framework that enables rapid prototyping and evaluation of traffic engineering systems. It is open source under a GNU LGPLv3 license.

Getting started


Quick start:

  1. Install OPAM

  2. Switch to OCaml version 4.06.0 or greater:

    opam switch 4.06.0    
  3. Install the basic required OCaml dependencies. The list of dependencies can be generated as:

    opam install dune
    dune external-lib-deps --missing @install

    Install these dependencies using Opam. For example, to install Frenetic,

    opam install frenetic    
  4. Build YATES

    make && make install

For more details and complete install, please read the installation guide.


An example run that evaluates performance of ECMP with Internet2's Abilene backbone network.

    $ yates data/topologies/abilene.dot \                                                 
      data/demands/actual/abilene.txt data/demands/predicted/abilene.txt \
      data/hosts/abilene.hosts -ecmp

The usage page describes how to use YATES to evaluate TE systems in more detail.

Extending YATES

If you would like to use YATES to prototype new TE system(s), please see an example on extending YATES.


See the list of initial contributors here.


YATES is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3. See here