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IS 5400, Medical Literacy, Fall 2015

Welcome to the IS5400-Fall2015 wiki! This is for "Medical Literacy", taught in Fall 2015 at Cornell Tech.

All Cornell Tech masters students are welcome to enroll. In particular, students interested in possible projects with Weill Cornell, including workstudy opportunities, are strongly encouraged to attend.

This course will cover common medical terminology, an overview of anatomy and pathology, and an in-depth treatment of a few common diseases and some of the most important classes of medications. Lectures will be given by physicians from Weill Cornell's Department of Radiology. No background in biology, chemistry or medicine is assumed.

Course staff


Physician instructors: The lectures will be given by the following physicians or their colleagues:

  • Lily Belfi, MD
  • Gary Dorfman, MD
  • Keith Hentel, MD
  • George Shih, MD

Note that these physicians are generously donating their time to Cornell Tech, and are happy to answer questions about the content of the course. However, questions about anything else (including grades, due dates, etc.) can only be answered by Professor Zabih.

Teaching assistant:


IS5400 meets weekly on Mondays from 4:30 to 6:30 in the afternoon, with a short break in the middle. The first class session will be on 8/31/15. Note that due to Cornell holidays there is no class on 9/7 or 10/12. Informal office hours will be held after class ends, and formal ones will be added shortly.

There will be regular homework assignments, as well as a free-form final project that the students. There are no exams. Note that most assignments will be done in student teams, usually with 2 students. Assignments and grading will be handled via CMS. For more details see: Assignments and Grading.

We adhere to the Cornell Code of Academic Integrity: all submitted work is assumed to be the independent work of a student/student team. If you have any concerns about this be sure to reach out to Professor Zabih before submitting your work.


A partial list of the main topics include: the cardiovascular & pulmonary systems, the endocrine system, the gastrointestinal system, hematology, the nervous system, and pediatric issues. The lecture schedule is here.

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