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This documentation is for a much older version of cornerstone-tools. While it may still loosely apply, more recent information can be found at

Please see this page for general architecture information about cornerstone.

Details specific to cornerstoneTools:

This library has the following external dependencies:

  • jQuery For event handling. This is mainly for convenience during development and use of this library will be reconsidered when we get closer to release.
  • cornerstone For image display
  • hammerjs For touch gestures

This library organizes code into the following directories:

  • imageTools - code for tools that work in the context of a single image
  • inputSources - code that provides an abstraction layer for input sources (e.g. mouse events, touch events, key events)
  • manipulators - support code for common tool functionality (moving, resizing, drawing, etc)
  • math - code for mathematical calculations that tools often need (e.g. computational geometry)
  • stackTools - code for tools that work in the context of a stack of images (e.g. CT series)
  • stateManagement - code for managing tool state
  • util - code for general purpose utilities
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