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LICENSE Update Apr 11, 2019

Death By Meeting

These days the office jungle is filled with traps called meetings. Once you fall for them, you are trapped in a time wasting black hole. Hey, not all meetings are bad. But a finding a balance between deep meaningful work and the distraction of meetings is key to have a healthy work spirit.

Death By Meeting is a fun way to pay attention to this balance.

How does it work

  1. Each time you enter a meeting hit the start button. The timer wil start and you will slowly progress until doom.
  • Alternatively you start once you lose attention in a meeting and you don't longer know why you are there.
  1. Once the meeting ends (hallelujah) you hit pause.
  2. Repeat during the day
  3. Once you hit the limit you are done, wasted. Learn to say no and try again tomorrow.

Flutter Create

For Flutter Create I have set the limit to 2 minutes. If needed you can change the variable _limit in main.dart to a lower number (in seconds)

Possible features

To keep the file size low some possible features where not possible:

  1. Ability to define your own time limit - DONE
  2. Ability to reset before reaching the end of the timer - DONE
  3. Share option to Twitter - DONE
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