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Automate installation of Spotify on openSUSE
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Recently I've noticed that I should update README file or it might cause confusions. So here it is.

Spotify automatic installer for openSUSE

This is a modified version of Adam Spiers' install script.

It works mostly like the original one: download .deb package then repack it to .rpm file for RPM-based system to install. I've add some scripts which make it able to get latest version online, make sure you have wget installed.

It only tested on Tumbleweed, but I think Leap can also work.

How to use

The package on PackMan is the unmaintained version, so you might consider not using it.

If you're familiar to git, just checkout this repository then run

Or you can manually download and spotify-client.spec to same folder then run it.

  1. Download the script
  2. Download spotify-client.spec and place it with the script
  3. (optional) Read the source to make sure it's not going to pwn your computer.
  4. Make the script executable, e.g. from a terminal, type chmod +x
  5. Run it as a non-root user, e.g. from a terminal type ./

The installer uses sudo for operations which require root privileges, so you may be prompted for a password during the install.


When something's wrong, please feel free to create an issue at issue tracker.

And it is always welcome to fork this repository and make your own mods. :)

Credits and thanks

Thanks to Adam Spiers who created this handy but helpful script.

Following is the original text:

This is not all my own work. The following people deserve credit and thanks for some of the code in this installer:

  • Armin on the Spotify community forums, who wrote the original version.
  • Marguerite Su who provided an initial .spec file and helped eventually convince me it was worth moving away from alien.

Huge thanks also to the relatively anonymous Spotify employees such as parbo who have been donating some of their free time to make the Linux client available. No thanks go to Spotify middle/upper management for consistently refusing to invest the small amount of resources required to even acknowledge their Linux-based customers, let alone support them.


This script is a derivative of Adam Spiers' work, and it will use same X11 Licence.

Following is the original licence text:

This installer does not contain any material whatsoever copyrighted by Spotify:

  • is a derivative of Armin's original version which he posted it without any copyright notice, so I unless I hear otherwise I'll assume it's in the public domain.
  • spotify-client.spec is a derivative of Marguerite Su's original spotify.spec, the header of which seems to imply that it's MIT-licensed (since the pristine package the header refers to is either Spotify or non-existent, depending on how you look at it).
  • spotify-installer.spec is all my work. Therefore I think it's fair to say the overall license is MIT (i.e. less ambiguously, the X11 license).

Why is this script here on github?

Because I need it. :p

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