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A de-centralized network for fast, secure, cheap and privacy-friendly off-blockchain Bitcoin transactions.
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Fast, scalable and decentralized payment network for Bitcoin.

The basic idea of Amiko-pay is that it forms a network of micro-transaction links:

Payments between parties are then routed over this network, and performed by atomically adjusting all micro-transaction links on the route.

The result is that transactions become secure without having to register them in the Bitcoin block chain. This has the following advantages:

  • Transactions become near-instantaneous (you no longer have to wait for block chain confirmations)
  • The block chain can remain smaller, so the system as a whole (Bitcoin+Amiko) becomes more scalable
  • Block chain transaction fees can be avoided, so transactions can become cheaper.



Source code:

Forum threads:

How to use

Please read the file "COPYING" for licensing information.

Installation instructions can be found in the file "INSTALL".

See doc/ for further usage information.

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