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A cheap cross-chain decentralized exchange
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Make DEXs great again



A cheap cross-chain decentralized exchange


Other crosschain exchanges check at least one of these boxes:

  • Expensive (eg: those using atomic cross-chain swaps with HTLCs)
  • Not trustless (eg: Binance DEX, where redeemable bitcoins are held in custody by Binance)

t-dex is both trustless AND cheap (the costs associated with it are the same ones that a centralized exchange has: a transaction to get the funds in and another one to get the funds out).


  1. t-dex ports the tokens in a blockchain (BTC, ETH, ERC20...) to another blockchain where transactions are cheap, creating wrapped versions of those original tokens in a trustless way.
  2. The wrapped tokens can be exchanged in the cheap blockchain for extremely low fees in decentralized exchanges.
  3. The wrapped tokens can be redeemed for the real thing in their original blockchains.

HOW? Gimme the juicy details

It uses SPV transaction proofs and XClaim, research developed by a London university.

Some things to look into for future improvements:


The initial prototype is being built in the DoraHacks hackathon in Beijing, China.

When ICO?

Check this page for news about our upcoming ICO.

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