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Sticker Knight Platformer

This is a demo project for the Corona SDK utilizing module-based game development. It includes free-to-use modules for common game functions including:

  • Platformer Hero
  • Enemies, Pickups, Spikes and Exits
  • Tiled Map Import (
  • Score counter
  • Game FX package (ponyfx.lua)


Modernized the framework and updated all the ponymodules to latest versions

  • Should work with Tiled 1.3+
  • New Launch Screen/Icons ready to skin
  • All sounds MP3 for size/compatibility

This package also comes with CC0 licensed game art resources including

  • Modular castle art
  • Hero, enemy art
  • Dungeon interior art
  • Fantasy UI pieces

All music/sounds in this library are CC0 and were created by Ponywolf, LLC or adapted from other CC0 sounds

  • Title theme is bojidar-bg's "Prepare your Swords" via CC0
  • SFX were generated in BFXR or Artistic Dude's RPG Sound Pack via CC0
  • Loops were post-proccessed in Adobe Audtion from CC0 sounds via NASA &
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