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Solar2D 2022.3674

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Changes since previous build:

  • Apple: updating all certificates and profiles 馃 (4543a8c)

  • Apple: removing old Xcode templates (e6e782d)

  • Add FacebookClientToken as valid plist (#410) (b5c99d8)

  • Windows: fixing streaming/capturing of Solar2D apps (#408) (5b06c03)

  • Apple: bumping Xcode to 13.4.1 (#407) (530320b)

  • Maintenance (#404) (f17443b)

  • Android: fix app pinning leading to black screen (#406) (c174150)

  • Core: fix for Canvas failing in mask mode sometimes (#284) (695bbf1)

  • iOS: keyboard events (#401) (01b23e2)

  • Add Solar2d Marketplace Resource Collector (#398) (a77d012)
    For linux it is recommended to use snap:

    sudo snap install solar2d