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Corosync 2.3.1 release notes

Jan Friesse edited this page · 1 revision

I am pleased to announce the latest maintenance release of Corosync 2.3.1 available immediately from our website at

This releases fixes many critical bugs and contains some small but useful improvements.

Complete changelog for 2.3.1:

Andrei Belov (2):
      Improved POSIX-compliant handling of getpwnam_r() and getgrnam_r().
      Added checks for "--as-needed" and "--version-script" linker flags.

Christine Caulfield (1):
      The corosync message "A processor joined or left the membership"
      is vague and unhelpful. People have to look for the following quorum
      message and try to deduce which nodes have joined or left from that
      and past membership messages, even though the routine printing the
      message already has this information to hand.

David Vossel (3):
      ipc_glue: Fixes connection ref count leak
      ipc_glue: Remove connection unref with no matching reference.
      ipc_glue: proper ref counting during service connection iteration

Eric Raymond (1):
      Fix patch for corosync.conf.5

Fabio M. Di Nitto (1):
      votequorum: port to sync API (take 2)

Jan Friesse (57):
      Handle colon in configuration file
      Handle unexpected closing brace in config file
      cts: Output nodeid consistently as unsigned int
      cfgtool: Retry shutdown on CS_ERR_TRY_AGAIN
      totempg: Make iov_delv local variable
      Make cts work with pacemaker 1.1.9
      Support for numerical uid/gid
      Detect big scheduling pauses
      Improve corosync-notifyd example
      Install sysconfig/corosync-notifyd in specfile
      Remove unnecessary mmap in cpg
      Rename make target coverity
      cpg test agent: Fix typo in assert
      cpg test agent: Assert results of send function
      cpg test agent: Cfg shutdown flag is not bitfield
      cpg test agent: Test len of name for cpg_join
      votequorum test agent: Assert results of send func
      sam test agent: Assert results of send func
      test sam: Free temp str allocated by cmap
      common ta: Close listener socket
      common ta: Close client sockets
      testcpg: Check length of input group name
      Properly check result of stat func in coroparse
      Handle dispatch functions results
      Check icmap str get for clustername
      Do not dereference format_buffer when it's NULL
      Properly break MAIN_CP_CB_DATA_STATE_QDEVICE state
      Free icmap strings in logconfig
      Use proper totem_ip_address size in memset
      Check logsys_format_set result in logsys setup
      Check result of logsys_subsys_create
      Handle errors when getting SC_PAGESIZE
      quorumtool: Properly check nodeid cli param
      votequrorum: Assert sender nodeid is known
      cmapctl: Remove unnecessary access check
      Initialize item in cmap_mcast_send
      Initialize node_found in nodelist_to_interface fun
      Initialize error variable in ykd_init
      ipc_cfg: Make coverity happy
      votequorum: Prevent leak in qdevice_is_configured
      cpg: Check cpg zc buffer path name length
      coroparse: Ensure that config items fits into cmap
      totemconfig: Check length of rrp_mode string
      totemudpu: Handle fd leak in totemudpu
      totem: Don't leak instance variable on crypto fail
      totemrrp: Make status string shorter
      cfg: Introduce CFG_MAX constants
      cfg: Check number of interfaces
      cfg: Check interface status and name length
      ipc_glue: Introduce constant for service name len
      ipc_glue: Check service name len
      cpg: Set umask in memory_map function
      service: Fix memleak in service_unlink_and_exit
      totemconfig: Prevent leak of cluster_name str
      Log: Output parse errors to syslog
      cts: Update DC_IDLE pattern
      Remove dir pragma for xml2conf.xsl in specfile

Jeremy Fitzhardinge (1):
      Handle ERANGE from getpwnam_r / getgrnam_r

Kazunori INOUE (4):
      Add Upstart job configuration file
      notifyd: fix handle dispatch functions results
      systemd: fix typo in unit file
      Use restart policy in the corosync-notifyd unit

Masatake YAMATO (1):
      Fix a typo in README.recovery

Michael Chapman (1):
      build: make --disable-testagents work

Michael van der Westhuizen (1):
      Allow corotypes.h to be included from C++ code.

Xia Li (1):
      Convert the nodeid byte order to be aligned with network order

Yuichi SEINO (1):
      build: pass enable options to "make rpm" from configure

Upgrade is highly recommended.

Thanks/congratulations to all people that contributed to achieve this great milestone.

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