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1 parent b957bf5 commit 4e274a2182af6bb5e8b3f1549784e06f47f12c11 Justin Grimes committed Apr 5, 2011
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@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ do |gem|
gem.description = %Q{In frustration of Mongoid::Versioning, I created this plugin for tracking historical changes for any document, including embedded ones. It achieves this by storing all history tracks in a single collection that you define. (See Usage for more details) Embedded documents are referenced by storing an association path, which is an array of document_name and document_id fields starting from the top most parent document and down to the embedded document that should track history.
This plugin implements multi-user undo, which allows users to undo any history change in any order. Undoing a document also creates a new history track. This is great for auditing and preventing vandalism, but it is probably not suitable for use cases such as a wiki.}
- = ""
+ = ["", ""]
gem.authors = ["Aaron Qian", "Justin Grimes"]

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