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An even more robust edition of my previous MountEFI scripts
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An even more robust edition of my previous MountEFI scripts.

Other scripts can call this script to do a silent mount - and receive a 0 on succes, or 1 (or higher) on failure.

For example: If another script calls MountEFI.command disk0 then my script would mount without user interaction, and return a 0 on success, or a 1 on failure. This can also take multiple EFIs to mount - MountEFI.command disk0 / disk3 would mount the EFIs connected to disk0, the boot drive (/), and disk3 if they exist.

To install:

Do the following one line at a time in Terminal:

git clone
cd MountEFI
chmod +x MountEFI.command

Then run with either ./MountEFI.command or by double-clicking MountEFI.command

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