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WCM Commander 0.20.0
Dual panel multi-platform open source file manager
for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and OS X with
- terminal emulator
- built-in editor with syntax highlighting (c/c++, java, pascal, latex, glsl, perl, php, python, sh, sql, xml)
- built-in text viewer
- virtual file systems: smb, ftp, sftp
- file associations
Build (FreeBSD, Linux, OS X, MinGW):
UNIX builds run smooth on Ubuntu 14.04LTS, on amd64, and i386 architectures with gcc 4.8+ and Clang. Required libraries:
The code uses c++11. GCC versions below 4.7 do not have the c++11 support. This is the only minimum requirement known by this time.
make all -B
sudo make install
Mac OS X installation way (refer to for more details):
Install Quartz from
Install brew
brew install
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