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@corporateshark corporateshark released this Apr 24, 2015 · 98 commits to master since this release

Project renamed to WCM Commander
Added #345: External color schemes
Added #375: File attributes: modification of creation/modification/access time
Added #462: Open files on non-local file systems
Added #379: Inheriting the current dir from a parent process (options --load-current-dir and --dont-load-current-dir)
Added: history and autocomplete in all edit lines
Added: view history
Added: OS X volumes are shown in the Drive dialog
Hotkey: F4 on a folder opens the Attributes dialog
Improved #352: Space acts as Enter when a button has focus
Improved #388: Do not discard editor undo history when saving a file
Improved #435: User menu: allow references to selected files
Improved: rendering of long file names is faster
Improved: Ctrl+G in the editor accepts any values
Improved: keyboard shortcuts for file sorting modes in the main menu
Fixed #306: Submenu detaches after Alt-Tab
Fixed #309: After clicking one tool button, all toolbuttons lose tooltips
Fixed #319: Use antialiased fonts everywhere except the menubar
Fixed #400: When a command is executed, reset the 'last command' index for Ctrl-E/Ctrl-X
Fixed #401: Ctrl-Ins on a panel should copy all the selected file names to a clipboard
Fixed #402: Shift-Enter on folders
Fixed #407: 'Case sensitive' checkbox (in the Find dialog) is not always preserved
Fixed #421: Files with single|double|back-quotes in the name should now open fine with 'Enter'
Fixed #436: Temporary panel shows ".." even if displaying of ".." is disabled in "Panel Settings"
Fixed #436: Cursor position is being retained after diving in, and returning back from a temp panel
Fixed #440: Parasitic key in the Ctrl+L dialog
Fixed #443: File view/edit history doesn't work for temp panel items
Fixed #444: File disappears from the temp panel after editing
Fixed #458: OS X: CMD+C not working for command line in panel mode
Fixed #471: Linux: Hotkeys conflict in select drive dialog
Fixed #472: Attribute-based coloring/icons are not rendered on temporary panel
Fixed #473: Cannot go into the first folder under the (S)FTP/SMB root folder
Fixed #476: Windows: SFTP entry is missing in drive dialog
Fixed #479: Windows: segfault on exit when launched from Cygwin/MinGW terminal (mintty)
Fixed: Recalculate layouts after closing the help dialog
Development: CMake generates proper folders for MSVC projects

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@corporateshark corporateshark released this Feb 23, 2015 · 364 commits to master since this release

Fixed: crash on Linux/OSX if bad UTF-8 sequence is encountered in a file name

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@corporateshark corporateshark released this Feb 22, 2015 · 371 commits to master since this release

Added: Shift+Enter opens a file/folder with the default OS application
Added: bookmarks in the editor (set via RightCtrl+digit, restore via LeftCtrl+digit)
Added: adjust font size with Ctrl+WheelUp, Ctrl+WheelDn (Windows-only)
Added: basic SSH keys SFTP authorization
Added: temporary panel
Added: mark truncated file names with the '}' symbol in panels
Added: store FTP passwords between sessions
Added: folders history (Alt+F12)
Added: file attributes dialog (Ctrl+A)
Added: command line autocompletion shows file/folder names from the current folder
Added: pressing F3 on '..' calculates the size of the current folder
Added: typing in the viewer opens the search dialog
Added: maximize window (Alt+F9)
Hotkey: Ctrl+Alt+Ins, Alt+Shift+Ins, Ctrl+Shift+P to copy the full path of the currently selected item to the clipboard
Hotkey: Ctrl+R to refresh the drives list in the drive selection dialog
Hotkey: Ctrl+NumPadPlus, Ctrl+NumPadMinus to select and deselect files with the same extension
Improved: 'cd' in the command line without arguments should change directory to $HOME
Improved: hotkeys in the F2 user menu
Improved: hotkeys in all 'red' dialogs
Improved: retain cursor position after F5/F6 etc.
Improved: rendering of items with Unicode names (normalized Unicode strings)
Improved: C++11 highlighting in the editor
Fixed: button bar text in the editor
Fixed: hotkeys in the 'Styles' dialog
Fixed: OpenBSD support
Fixed: installation issues
Fixed: TrueType fonts antialiasing
Fixed: debug messages in the console
Fixed: mouse interaction bugs
Fixed: graphical issue in the current path under the panels
Fixed: hide the autocompletion window while switching via Ctrl+Tab to the editor/viewer
Fixed: panel width after exiting the editor with Ctrl+Tab
Fixed: pressing Alt+key freezes Ctrl/Shift info in the bottom bar
Fixed: custom highlighting rules for selected files
Fixed: shortcuts in the text search/replace dialogs
Fixed: long path truncation in the drive selection dialog
Fixed: selection color in the viewer

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@corporateshark corporateshark released this Dec 22, 2014 · 651 commits to master since this release

Added: file highlighting
Added: speed indicator while copying
Added: color and icon (optional) for soft links
Added: copy multiple selected file names to the clipboard
Added: option to disable setup auto saving
Added: option to show/hide the main menu
Added: show '(Administrator)' in the window caption while running with admin privileges on Windows
Added: show volume label in the drive selection dialog
Added: user menu (F2)
Added: status bar for Alt+... keys in the editor
Hotkey: Ctrl+L to open info dialog
Hotkey: Ctrl+S to select file (same as Ins)
Hotkey: Ctrl+F12 to select sorting mode
Improved: eye-gouging borders in the main menu
Improved: icons centering in the panels
Fixed: hotkeys in the drive selection dialog
Fixed: up/down in Alt-search
Fixed: numpad Ins and numpad Del
Fixed: keyboard hotkeys in the 'Folder shortcuts' dialog
Development: configs and makefiles moved to the root folder
Development: command line option --debug-keyboard to print keypresses
Development: INSTALL_TO variable to change the installation path

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@corporateshark corporateshark released this Nov 6, 2014 · 820 commits to master since this release

Added: 'cls' command clears the whole terminal ('clear' still works as expected on Linux/OSX)
Added: command line switches on Linux (run ./wcm -h)
Added: hotkeys in dialogs (use Alt+highlighted letter)
Added: numpad keys support while NumLock is disabled
Added: option to turn on/off the 3D UI (buttons, etc)
Added: show '(Root)' in the window caption while running with root privileges
Added: show inner/trailing spaces in files/folders as the · character (option)
Added: show spaces in input fields is shown as the · character
Added: xprop can report a class name for WCM windows
Hotkey: Ctrl+M to open "Open with" popup
Hotkey: Shift+Tab to switch between controls in dialogs
Improved: behavior of Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+]
Improved: CR/LF handling in the editor on Linux and OS X
Improved: Ctrl+E/Ctrl+X behavior with autocomplete
Improved: default font on Windows is Consolas 12pt
Improved: handling of 'cd' command
Improved: hotkey colors in the default theme are now readable in dialogs
Improved: Linux icon is now in the .png format
Improved: Shift+arrows selection in panels is now similar to Far Manager
Improved: show program info in the task manager on Windows
Improved: terminal scrolling via a mouse wheel
Improved: window size selection on fresh install
Fixed: buffer overruns in SFTP and SFTP2
Fixed: buffer overruns in the editor
Fixed: commands color in the terminal
Fixed: crash in Alt-search
Fixed: Ctrl+Left in the editor never skips the beginning of the line
Fixed: Ctrl+Right in the editor never skips the beginning of the line
Fixed: editor search bug
Fixed: ESC key closes the main menu
Fixed: focus on main menu if opened with a mouse
Fixed: handling of '/' character while using Ctrl+Left/Ctrl+Right in the editor and edit lines
Fixed: multimask file associations (separated with commas) were not working properly
Fixed: tab size edit line location in Options -> Editor settings
Fixed: tab-order in the file associations dialog
Fixed: wrong device context for child windows
Fixed: Russian localization
Updated: readme, docs, localization
Development: Debian package building
Development: disabled level 4 warnings
Development: fixed many compilation warnings
Development: fixed MinGW cross-compilation
Development: Qt Creator configs for OS X

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@corporateshark corporateshark released this Sep 17, 2014

Added: share search text between all search and search-n-replace dialogs
Added: indicator of the current sorting order in the panel
Added: taskbar hints for the Alt key
Added: option 'Select folders'
Added: F3 calculates the size of multiple selected folders
Added: command line autocomplete (use Del key to erase a command)
Added: hotkeys in the main menu
Added: option to hide '..' in the root folder (hidden by default)
Added: experimental OS X support on top of XQuartz (#5)
Added: file associations (Main menu -> Commands -> File associations)
Added: separate settings to show folder icons and executable icons
Added: option to show current path in the command line (enabled by default)
Hotkey: Shift+Enter to start command without the terminal
Hotkey: Ctrl+Tab to switch between editor/viewer and panels
Hotkey: Ctrl+O in editor/viewer shows the terminal terminal
Hotkey: Ctrl+F to paste the full name of the currently selected file/folder to the command line
Hotkey: '5' on numpad calculates the size of the selected files
Hotkey: Ctrl+U swap panels
Hotkey: Ctrl+Del in the editor and edit lines
Hotkey: Ctrl+BackSpace in the editor and edit lines
Hotkey: Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+] paste a path from the left/right panel to the command line
Hotkey: Ctrl+Enter in Alt-search moved to the next file
Hotkey: Ctrl+G apply command to the selected files
Improved: Alt-search editline repaints correctly
Improved: mouse wheel support
Improved: FreeBSD support
Improved: editor cursor is now Far-like and blinking
Improved: save per-file scrolling positions in the editor
Improved: inaccessible paths bring you to the root folder or to the drive selection dialog
Improved: panel footer text (less garbage, info on free space)
Improved: show other panel's full path in the drive selection dialog
Improved: show a save setup dialog
Improved: default color style is more alike Far Manager
Fixed: vertical lines in Full panel modes
Fixed: command line is now black
Fixed: numpad Enter
Fixed: cursor position in the panel after deleting files
Fixed: switching language while in Alt-search closes the search editline
Fixed: bug with the first letter in Alt-search
Fixed: save/restore panel paths on Windows
Fixed: save the configuration on exit
Fixed: place cursor on a newly created folder
Fixed: sorting modes are the same as in Far Manager
Fixed: old Ctrl+Z bug in the editor (#140)
Development: added CMake and Code::Blocks configs
Development: can be compiled with Clang
Development: added Windows x64 builds
Disabled most of the 3D UI
Disabled auto indent in the editor

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@corporateshark corporateshark released this Aug 22, 2014 · 1418 commits to master since this release

Save window size & position
Save path in panels
DEL key deletes files
Default font is LiberationMono-Regular 14pt
Default tab size is 3
Case sensitive sorting is disabled by default
Fast path selection on the other panel
Ctrl+Insert copies the current file name to the clipboard
Ctrl+Insert copies contents of the non-empty command line to the clipboard
Ctrl+Enter on .. pastes the current path into the command line
ESC key clears the command line before toggling the panels
ESC key cancels Alt+... panel search before toggling the panels
Don't cancel Alt+... panel search on Shift, Alt, and Ctrl
Enter directories via Ctrl+PgDown
Enable BACKSPACE key to go up dir (configurable, off by default)
Minor bugfixes

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